Hello butterflies. I kind of like referrign to you like this. It reminds me of the kindness and the motherly comfort of one of my friends that refers to my group of girlfriends and I like that. She’s the sweetest.

When you will finally get the chance to read thses lines, the blog would have already been launched and several post would already be up. Currently, I am still deciding how and when I am going to launch the new version of the blog. As you can see, we are back on the horse with a new name, a new angle, and a modified identity or that expresses differently. But I am still the same crazy person running it. Change is good. Evolution even better. Right ?

Today, I was excited to share with you, how I discovered what style was about. It was through télévision.

During my childhood, when other children had normal activites like playing ball or doll, making drawing or else, well I was in front of a TV. A french show called ” Helène et les Garçons” was the first “adult” series that I regularly watched. I was an unconditional fan… at 4 years old. Later on, when my school friends would be talking of Sailor Moon, Olive & Tom and other shows they use to watch and that I didn’t, I would fake watching them too. But in reality I couldn’t care less.

Until my teenage years, I was kind of an only child, being the only kid in the house and let’s say my mother,although she raised me gracefully, wasn’t the playdate kind of mother nor person. And of course I could’nt go out with my girls on my own. So television was the easiest way to escape. And super entertainning. It was my way to discover the world. I hear you say ” but HOW?”. It’s a that moment that it started for me. I started observing the world, the society, it’s numerous flaws and certain qualities and the art of media to tell stories under different biased angles. I also discover what a character was, evolution and STYLE. And how much style could add meaning to a (good) story.

Among the series shelves, the Buffy the vampire slayer fans, raise your hands! I still remember how excited I got when we got to saturday ( the day it was broadcasted in France)  to get wired on the adventures of Buffy suffers and her squad. It was before DVDs,  BluRay,before streaming and downloading ( internet was still a revolution) and before NETFLIX and VOD. I remember I had to record it when we were invited on saturday. It was no game. It was good old times. What I lie about Buffy it’s how complicated her life is ( chaotic actually, she never gives up at the idea of having a normal life. Her tenacity is what I appreciate most.  She does puts herself last by sense of duty but at the same time she fights for herself because deep down inside, she nows she deserves to have it all. She’s a strong, fierce and very human feminine figure while being really emotional. She decides, takes risks,round the clock, goes through personal drama that get’s to her, but she always rises. She is what I wanted to be. At the time, she is a new kind of female  figure. A new kind after Kelly, Donna and Kimberly and their shallow. The style and attitude of a woman like Buffy inspire me again and again.

In general, TV series and the characters that compose them where a great source of inspiration on a stylistic point of view. They have shaped my notion of style and the way I once chose to represent myself in the eye of the world. I introduced with Buffy as she is my forever hero and that she greatly influenced me. But she’s not the only one. She’s the first of other female figures of other types. Here is the Top 5 of those female figures that shaped my sense of what style is.

N°5 : Fran Fine

“M. Sheffiel.. !” In my generation, besides those who did not have TV or lived secluded in the woods, it’s impossible that you did not see Fran Fine at least once. She is  the embodiement extravaganza  and show-off. Her dark long hair done Marie Antoinette style, her manicured nails, her red lipstick on point of course, her mini skirts or again, her laugh and her sense of exagerating everything, Fran Fine is the fashion icon of the  90’s. I would never go for her style, but her attitude and her ease is very inspiring. She dresses sassy but it’s so natural you can only agree. I admire that about Fran Fine. She goes with everything she is, expressing her unique sense of style, again her attitude doing most of the job. Style is not just clothes. It’s when what you wear and who you are match. And Miss Fine knew that!

N°4 : Blair Waldorf

More than just style, Blair Waldorf aka Queen B is attitude all the way! Angelic grace with a delicate heart to demon of the demons, inspiring fear to her court of minions that she holds with an iron fist. She could have been imagined shallow, but she actually has a brain that has been put to use to nurture her thirst for knowledge and great fashion and artistic culture as much as for her manipulative behavior, with all the scheming. Her dual personality is shown through her subtile style. And it evolves all over the course of 6 seasons of Gossip Girl. Embodiement of the preppy look when Gossip Girl begun, she is the own that brought it back to trend. Editorial were inspired by it. Blai Waldorf was an it girl as if she even existed. Very rare phenomenon. As she grows her style turns into ladylike, like royalty, the preppy dimension fading a little. Her gorgeous cocktail et black-tie dreses seamed Princess Monaco inspired, that she holds in example. . The rich materials, the ruffles, the hats, the various colors, the designer bags that she holds at her elbow, not forgetting her bubble baths with champagne and pistachio macaroons. That is  Blair Waldort!

Queen-B is cliché and out of the box at the same time and we love that. Countless outfits were seen but I will always keep in mind what she wore in the second season, episode 2, a Marc Jacobs dress, that I fell in love with. Loved by most, hated by others, but always fashion forward and on point.

N°3 Phoebe Haliwell

« The charmed ones ». Do you remember ?  The slogan during 8 seasons of this series imagined by the late Aaron Spelling, Charmed. A huge fan of Prue I was at the beginning  my heart starting pooring out for Phoebe, that I found very brave, more YOLO type and more stylish. The trendy and detailed outfits of the Haliwell sisters, kept me watching the show over the seasons. I also have a soft side for badass female heroes so that save the day while trying to have a regular life. But Phoebe was a part from the other characters. She embodied  strength, mystery and had audacity. During the 8 seasons she fought to for a normal and healthy relationship even after several heartbreaks. Her style reflects her strength, her feminity, her delicacy, her forever romantism as well as her nature perception and her supra intuitivity. Her outfitd were always very modern and suited her dual lifestyle ( kicking ass and being a journalist). And she took risks. As in season 6 in which, she chopped her beautiful hair off. One of y favorites.

N°2: Carrie Bradshaw

My top  5 would not be complete without her. Carrie Bradshaw. I had forgotten whyand how she inspired me . But the universe always does things right. I got to watch it yesterday on TV. What makes me love her, is her attitude, her spirit. The her love of shoes and her beautiful dressing rooms. She is one of my favorites. She is the kind of girl who’d rather spend her rent on Manolo’s. And God she knows what suits her. That is what having style is about too. A simple bodycon dress ? Well Carrie wears it with a tie. Smart when you know that she has little breast. She will play with volumes as she is naturally tiny. Moreover, she always takes risks  as far as I can remember : prints, forms, association, nothing is to off for this over-trained fashionista. . And she isn’t even a man repeller. How can I not agree with her iconic tutus, her love for Manolo, her  dresses in all shapes and her messy –not that messy curly hair ? More than the need to copy her, Carrie gave me the urge to find what suits me best and go with all my stylistic experiments. Her style perfectly reflects her

N°1 : Buffy Summers

I already on and on about her in my introduction. You are about to get more about Buffy Summers. Nobody else could have been number 1 of my top 5. Even when the series ended, I couldn’t forget about her. Buffy Summers is more than just a stylistic inspiration, she’s a inspiration in everything else. I took taekwondo class in 7th grade  a I wanted to fight like her.   I wonder what was going through my mind. I am sure half the kicking-ass scenes were done by professional stuntsmen lol. It’s just a way to prove what a impact this character had when I was a kid. Her and her universe. Her style was the only way I could seize her energy, her essence. I liked everything with her style : the leather, her different hair styles or her piercings. Her outfits were adapted to her dual lifestyle ( as a slayer and a teenager, than a responsible adult). During the day, she was a regular girl wearing cool mini and flirty dresses and at night she turned into that all black leather badass world saver.

Not only Buffy is cool, modern and easy going, but she also embodies the badass woman. Everything I like.

They are many other female characters that set a great example and inspiration for me and girls of my  generation, but these are the majors for me, in terms of personal style. How about you ? What character did that for you ?

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