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Hi babes !

 How are you ! Well thanks to the friday bank holiday, we enjoyed a longer week-end than usual . I have to say, May is my favorite month : my birthday the 1st  (bank holiday too) and all those other bank holidays that come along. Hapily, this year they are falling on Fridays which is so convenient to get some rest and time for yourself.

For people who know me, I have managed AMGC for always 3 years. And what a great journey. But the journey only really began in my mind about a year ago. I have started being serious about blogging. At that moment, I really wanted to start delivering a real message to people, women that are passionate about fashion but also about life itself.

I love life. And life loves me back as I am so blessed in my everyday life. Of course, I have downfalls and tragedies like all, but I am so lucky however. I get to do what I love : interact, love, laugh and the huge luxury to feeling overwhelmed and question what I do and why I do it. In fact I have accepted this year to work on projects, maybe too much projects.

Usually it could be due to the fact that I sometimes feel like my life is not where I want it to be.  A friend recently told me during one of our conversations that “It ‘s not about being big but to being up to it”. He also said that to live up to what you expect from yourself comes with discipline. After that talk, I analyzed my behavior in all aspects of my life. I recognized that I lack this discipline, stopping me from succeeding. A couple of mornings ago, I woke up and it came to me : I am the only thing stopping my success. And I have to do something about it.

Discipline can be defined as thcontrolled behavior resulting from a training. Today I am sharing with you 5 steps to get on the road of discipline, for a better and successful life.

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1- Establish realistic goals for yourself

That same friend ( seriously he has one of the best thought through advice) told me : “ You can’t get your boat to your destination if you do no go where you are going”. In order to get more discipline in your life and actually get to where you want in life, you have to set goals. And they must be realistic. You don’t have to do it at once. You should go step by step. You can start  by setting one general goal. Example : I want to start a new job in 6 months. This is your general goal. Then you st multiple goals to get to that goal. Example: 1/ I need to update my CV by next week , 2/ I must find 10 interesting jobs to apply to .. and so on. To set goals you should consider  your resources at the moment. Of course goals are readjustable as life is dynamic. Try it . I know I will.

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2 – Stop procrastinating!

My nightmare. It’s a tough one, but we will get there.  You have over-achievers and you have over-procrastinators, like me.  Most of my life was ruled by procrastinating. I took that habit to always procrastinate to last-minute. Damn it ! Seriously it has ruined many opportunities for me. I have ruined a lot of opportunities for myself. I still haven’t got over it. But thank God, it did not take  the best of me. PROCRASTINTING is a no go! If something is asked from you or that you have to do something, do it right away, to avoid the stress, because if you procrastinate once, you will do it again.  It’s like cheating on someone or taking drugs. And it can quickly ruin your life. If you are a lazy person so put a lot of your effort in educating yourself to do things right away. Once you master this, you have already reached half, no 3 quarters of the road to discipline, trust me.

Check out www.upstartsuccess. They give a little advice on how to stop procrastinating here


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3 – From A to Z : Finish what you have started

This is help to stop the procrastinating. More than stopping the procrastination, always finish what you have started. My dear mother, knocked my head to this following sentence my whole childhood, teenage and even now“ What annoys me with you, is that you never finish what you start”. Imagine how proud I felt when I got my master’s degree and graduated. I at least achieved that. It’s a good start. But my mother is right. When you start whatever project, carry it until it’s done. It’s the further step to discipline and it will make a big difference in the way you perceive yourself, as an achiever. Your entourage will notice too.


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4 – Exercise

Discipline takes effort and strengths.  Training requires disciplines and enhances it. In all sports, discipline is defacto. All athletes have it. You can be the best, If you are not disciplined, there is a chance you will fail.

I hate exercising. I tried so many times, but not hard enough. I failed myself in this area so many times. But I will try until I get there, because I need it. Exercising, I am sure could change my life, and yours. So let’s do it  !

Exercising 2 to 3 times a week is enough. 1 hour each sessions. Try finding something you could stick to : running, Zumba, dancing, yoga or more active as in collective sports if you are in the group spirit. Like Woody Allen says “ Whatever Works”.



5 – Get into a positive mindset

All of this, you need to go through it adopting a positive mindset. I have let myself drown in negativity for so long. Being in a positive mindset can be done by saying hello o ourselves in a mirror in the morning, smiling to beautiful things, surrounding yourself with positive, caring and loving people, finding pleasure in the person you are and what you do. If you are not positive, force yourself, hold on to something or someone who is positive. Why not try books. I am sure you can find a lot of books on the subjects. It takes 21 days to turn a behavior into a habit. So just go with It.

 I hope my guide will help you and me  ( fingers crossed). If you try it, let me know the results. I will be trying it at my top best and will let you know the results.

 Have a great week-end my loves.

 Be positive



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  1. Maemae
    14 May 2015 /

    Bon article !! Bon les points 1, 3, 4 sont pour moi !! Résolutions 2015

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