I couldn’t wait to see how those pictures turned out. Actually, we shouted (with Jeffry) while we waiting for the exits of a runway show during Paris Fashion Week. When juggling my memory, I think it was the Akris show.

Well it all started in July when Light in the box, an asian e-shop contacted me to collaborate. It wasn’t a placed I shopped on or knew to be completely honest. After going through their site to judge if it could be interesting to talk about it with you, I accepted the offer, as I thought it’s a could tip get supply for accessories to complete outfits for a couple euros, bucks or pounds. I firmly believe in the fact that you don’t need big bucks to have a killer sense of style. You are either a natural or not. Even if, I won’t lie, the big bucks can be useful ( LOL).

Well this summer, it was all about purses for me. I added 6 new ones to the ones I already had. Don’t ask me what is wrong with me. No idea. The one your are seeing above is one of them and you can find it  HERE. It has the perfect size to carry the necessary around and the color and patterns are really cool and feminine. The material is not top quality to be honest but looking at the price ( about 6 euros) it seems fair.  The price quality is interesting. As it’s not the type of bag I carry regularly, it won’t get spoiled right now. This min-purse plays it’s role to perfection. And so you know, I still look for the perfect bag, that I still don’t own every single morning ( laughs)

And then there is this huge crush on what I would call the wrap top  – waterfall sleeves. It’s the only thing I wanted to wear this whole summer, for two reasons : first, I loved the dramatic look it brought to all my so casual outfits and second it’s a wrap top piece that compliments my imposing breasts. Though I was excited, I prevented my self to jump at every piece I saw and went for just one that you can see  HERE). And… I choses to throw myself at this bright red wrap dress with my loving waterfall sleeves that could can find HERE. Once the order came in, I found the color flattering but was I little disappointed by the very elastic material and the fact that the wrapping part was just an illusion.  My boobs had either the tendency to pop out or look all soggy. To finish, as I have curves down there, I didn’t really like the way the dress went down on me. So I wore it as a top by pulling up the inferior part of the clothing piece. Felt right. Way better. So I could recommend this piece, under a few conditions :

  • If you are looking for a tight and short dress
  • If your breasts are not too big
  • If you roll with vivid colors


In general, the order was OK according to my twenty something budget. If you are on a tiny budget and are looking for seasonal pieces from clothing to shoes or even accessories, I recommend you try  Light in the Box, it may interest you.

So let’s meet again on Wednesday . I am telling you all about my visit to the hair salon and my need for change.

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Top (here) & Purse (here) : Light in the box / Denim : Levi’s / Sneakers : Stan Smith by Adidas Originals /  Watch : Rosefield

Photos : Jeffry Junes ( IG: @jeffryjunes)

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