Jeffry Junes did it again ! New week, new day, new outfit. We shooted so many pictures that I was seriously incapable of narrowing them more than I did. So I am publishing this outfit in two parts. It never happens, but let’s call this an exception. This outfit started out with this stripped blazer. I bought it through an Arlettie sale for Gerard Darel, last year if I recall. I love this blazer and I wanted it to appear at least once more on the blog. I chose to wear it belted. Underneath I am wearing a denim jumper for a casual feel  and matched both pieces with a red mini tote bag from Furla that I love to wear. I bought it a couple years ago at La Vallée Village, a shopping outlet near Disneyland Paris. All together you get a sophisticated but casual outfit that I personally love. There will be more of this outfit tommorow. See you loves.

BLAZER : Gerard Darel | Sac : FURLA | Jumper : ZARA

Photos : Jeffry Junes ( IG & PAGE)

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