BRUNCH WORLDWIDE : Brunch & Cake, Barcelona

BRUNCH WORLDWIDE : Brunch & Cake, Barcelona

Post updates March 15th 2019.

Hi guys ! Already Wednesday ! D-3 and it’s the week-end!

As I was in Barcelona over a week ago, the day of departure with my group of friends we had a brunch at  Brunch & Cake. We almost missed it ! The friend that was having us made us want those pancakes through whatsapp. So when it was time to order, it was my first choice. As I new I was going to take the place, I alo ordered a savoury meak that I shared with one of my friends, in order to be full. As usual I ordered more that I could eat. I was not able to finish all the pancakes that I found so heavy at that moment. I have to admit I was slightly disappointed, hoping something else. Maybe something lighter.


Got to tell you about my history with pancakes. Yeah I have culinary stories, and the best known is that garlic rack of lamb I had  in french rural town about 15 years ago and that I still have in mind. I will tell you about it another time.

The best pancakes I had were about 10 years ago during a trip to the US. We were heading to Orlando. Once we had reached Georgia, I start seeing  billboards of a place called ” Cracker Barrel” Finally we went there for brunch. What a stop! I had the best pancakes ever. I don”t know if it was because I was starving or simply the texture or the sides but it was heaven. I remember crunchy but soft fluffy and the pancakes were not too thick. I would not have said no to an extra portion. If you have the chance to try it during a US trip, you should. You can find a restaurant that is also a store, in the south of the East Cost. I’ll go back one day, hoping that y memories are not mssleading. i-hop pancakes are also really good in another vibe. Ordered withstrawberries and whip cream, it’s a dream.

Strawberry_Banana_Pancakes i-Hop Banana & Strawberry pancakes with whip cream

Shifting back to our main subject, the savoury dish I ordered which I can’t remember the name was composed of scrambles eggs ( really delish) with  a bagel stuffed with mashed potatoes, crispy bacon & rocket. Really tasty and I recommend to try.


On the menu, there were hits such as banana french toast, coconut flavoured bread that apparently had more the texture of cak than bread, but also fruits and salads.



Drinks were also nice. They offered juices and fresh orange juice as well as smooties with exotic fruits.

Just for the atmosphere, I recomment this place if you are in Barcelona. It reminds of those places arising around Canal St Martin in Paris.

If you get the chance to go, don’t plan on eating before or long after as you will clearly be stuffed.



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As a pancake lover and wishing that you adore them as much as I do, here is a recipe for all american pancakes I used to do when I was unemployed a couple months ago. Found the recipe on this french site As I did not have some of the ingredients, I changed a bit the recipe according to what I had.

The ingredients for 18 pancakes:

– 250 g of wheat
– 1 spoon of sugar
– 1/2 of baking soda
– 2 spoons of wheatgrass powde
– 3 eggs
– 30 g of butter
– 0,5 l of butter milk é or liquid yorgut  1  yogurt mixed with a little milk to get the same texture. You can go for a flavoured yogurt according to what you like

–  1/4 spoon of salt

– 30 g of butter to cook

You can add fruits to your mixture if desired.

– Prepare your pancake mix by mixing non liquid ingredients in a bowl.

– Create a hole in the middle.

– Poor the batted eggs, the cooled – down melted butter and the milk. Mix rapidly.

– Let the mixture aside for 45 minutes.

– Faites chauffer votre poêle légèrement beurrée.

– Dispose a half of a ladle in the pan

– cook at medium fire for 2 mn, flip with a spatule and let  gold for another 2 minutes.

– Do the same until mixture is done.

Servez the pancakes with maple syrup, whip cream or fruits or whatever you like.

It’s delicious.

Source :

Enjoy as eating is life ( to me anyway)

Tommorow on the blog is all about a white look in the alleys of barcelona.

Bye Bye.

Brunch & Cake – Enric Granados, 19 ( Barcelona), Spain

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  1. Lucie Hailemariam
    18 February 2015 /

    Miammmmmm !!! On y retourne ?!
    Le plaisir à l’état pur ; LE BRUNCH.
    Par quoi est ce que je peux remplacer les germes de blé dans la recette que je ne pense pas pouvoir trouver facilement en Ethiopie?
    xx Lu

  2. 20 August 2014 /

    Ha le brunch ! La meilleure partie des vacances à mon sens ! Merci pour cette super recette 😉
    Bises, Marine

    • moodygirlscloset
      21 August 2014 /

      Coucou Marine ! Oui ! J’adore les brunch et pendant les vacances c’est encore mieux ! =) Pour la recette, essaye-la et tu m’en diras des nouvelles ! Bonne journée xx

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