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You know those mornings when you’re just not feeling it ? You feel tired, annoyed and mentally it’s just not it ! The breakout that you hoped would shrink has actually grown instead, despite the  toothpaste tip that your girlfriend gave you and on which you had high hopes. Well, then, you go shower hoping that finally the good mood will end up falling upon you. Then, you arrive in front of your closet and it’s also at the moment, that FINALLY the world lights up!

Here is the whole point of having either a well stocked or handpicked. wardrobe To make up for a day that had a half chance of being completely messed up. Clothes have that power and never let anyone tell you otherwise. It gives you strength to live the day to come as if it was your first and allows you to be comfortable in this daily uniform, that an outfit represents. Because the clothes make the woman, if you choose it.

That’s how I felt, when wearing this outfit that I am revealing today.  When I get dressed, there is always something that ultimately doesn’t feel all the way right. My jacket being crushed by my coat, my hair that I don’t like, the fact that I wear clothes with gold and silver details at the same time (yes I have shallow concerns , I am aware ). But I deal with it , as I am human and that perfection is a myth.

And yet, the day I wore and shot this outfit, none of these details mattered . It was THE outfit. One of the few in which I felt fluidity while wearing it. And honestly I’ll be happy to wear it again and again. This outfit, here it is,  through this small series of photos, which I simply named “Uniform # 1”. The first series of photos of a long collection, I hope.

Coat : MANGO | Denim Culottes : BERSHKA | Top : PRIMARK | Kitten Heels : ZARA | Tote bag : Centre Emmaüs | Earrings : Parfois

How about you ? In what outfit  do you feel on top of the world ? Sure let me know through the comment section.

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  1. 8 February 2019 /

    Wow! hunny you are looking very beautiful and stylish in the outfit. This look is perfect, I love simple & sober style! Pictures are awesome:)
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