As far as I can remember, I have always loves to dress-up ! Actually my mother always tells that story of me as a litte girl, entering a shoe store just to buy sunday shoes and getting out with those shoes and a matching purse ! LOL. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it Mom ?


Throughout the years, my style has evolved, with no ease. Looking back, it couldn’t have been otherwise. For so long, I’ve tried to dress to match a fake representation of who I was or am I guees. Especially as a teenager. That moment in life during which being yourself seems out of the question when you have the self-confidence of a fish. It’s when I started gaining self-confidence and accepting who I was that my sense of style got acute and stepped-up a notch. I finally understood that you don’t find your style, you live it. According to your experiences or elements that inspire you at moments. I understood that being multi-faceted, loving to explore new possibilities and letting yourself try new things that can be judged like excentric by others is totally FINE ! Us humans are creatures that evolve. Through what we desire, our aspirations and our mood as well. The most important to keep in mind is to feel comfortable with who you are.



It’s to take the parisian metro that I decided to wear my POWER SUIT for the first time. I shopped it over on during last winter’s sales. I actually saw it on the site last summer, but I was dead broke. I hoped it would go on sale. And it did. I got the suit 50% off the original price. Heyhey!  That day, I was with one of my sources of inspiration, Jeffry ( SHOT BY JUNES ) that kindly accepted to shoot me, amidst the rain. And believe me, it was no joke.

To bring the suit to life, I really wanted to keep it casual. Otherwise I’d feel like I am wearing a costume. So casual, I went for. Do you want to know how I did it ?


To dress-up your POWER SUIT, casual style, here are my tips :

  • Avoid heels or any other type of dressy shoes. I chose sneakers to compliment mine and they are so colorful ! You can choose something colorful like I did or opt for something more discrete or sophisticated for a streetwear vibe.
  • Forget the classic shirt. I’d rather go with a T-shirt or a polo. Matching a suit with a shirt, would make it feel corporate and we want to avoid that (except if you wear your shirt differently). As I was saying, try a T-shirt with short or long sleeves with a round collar or a polo. RALPH LAUREN or UNIQLO have cool ones.
  • Accesorize your suit but not too much. For a casual feel , opt for basic jewlery like small hoops for the ears , a classic watch and a fine necklace. For the final touch, you can go with a cute purse that match your shoes or not. It’s for you to choose.

That’s it ! You have a glimpse to my version of  ” how to wear a power suit”. I’d love to see how you do it ! Let me know through instagram ( you can find me as @multicoloreparis) using the hashtag #MPinspiredoutfits. The 5 outfits that match most the Multicolore Paris will definitely be featured via our instagram stories. Can wait to discover your magic ladies !

PS : A dream became true. Finally got these underground/metro shots. Above happy! What do you think ?



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