Hey love,

I felt stuck . Stuck on the latest post ‘ Romantic Soul”. It’s kind of the reason why, in august, the first post came out on the 23rd. That is what kind of happens when ou try too hard to say deep thigs when you have only shallow things popping out of your mind. So I am going to stop trying too hard for both of us sake.

Ca va ? La vie va bien pour toi ? J’aimerai bien savoir qui tu es en train de me lire. Laisse un commentaire, histoire de te raconter un peu. Une ligne suffira. Nullement besoin de s’étaler.

What’s up ? Life good for you ? I would love to get to know you reader of multicolore paris. Leave a comment, telling me a tiny bit of your story. A sentence will do. No need to elaborate.

I am back from an italian family vacation and I still want or neep to escape more. How do you explain that most of us feel the need to escape from our own lives all the time ? I am craving a beach, where I could lay on the sand while drinking a cool spritz. It won’t be now. But I can’t wait.

Do you wear culottes ? Personally, I love wearing them. Even if I am mocked. It happens all the time. Everybody needs to comment. Like that colleague of mine that has the needs to ask me why my pants are too short. Yes, I know, he is the most annoying. He has qualities thank god, which explains why I still call him ” a friend”. And I feel that dressing is taking somekind of stand, right ?

What I like about culottes can be resumed in 3 points : it’s versatile, matches my short legs perfectly and are 100% approved by Victoria Beckham. Good enough for me to adopt them.

I wear them on a lazy saturday at home, when I am in a rush to work, or out of option for a wedding. As yu can understand, it’s one of my staples.

So here I am, telling you a story around my favorite pair, via this series of pictures.

There made out of denim . I chose to match them with a crop top from Zara, “kitten heels” from Zara again… For the accessories, a bandana bought for a tiny dollar in Harlem and a pair of enhanced hoops.

My modern version of country girl.

Culottes : ZARA | Crop top : ZARA | Kitten Heels : ZARA | Bandana : Purchased in Harlem | Watch : Rosefield Watches

 Photos : Wendy Wuu


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