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So how is your week-end going ? We are pursuing our adventure in Peru with Angie, with the second and last part of this trip, that will take us to discovery of the cities of the Eastern regions. If you haven’t already read, find the first part here.

Titicaca Lake and surroundings

From Puno, discover the famous Titicaca Lake. The highest navigable lake in the world ( 3812 m) is shared between the peruvian and bolivian Altiplano. It shelters some fourty indian populated islands. The lake sums as well over sixty small islands hand crafted , The Uro floating islands.

 3 hours away from Puno, Taquile Island is populated by one of the most ancient indian communities of Peru in which subsides ancentral social norms.

North, Amantani Island also deserves to be checked. The somptuous landscapes as well as its fauna and flora makes it very pleasant. You will meet people that preserve their culture.

On the side of the Umayo Lake, a peninsula welcomes the Sillustani necropol. This site composed of over fifty mortuary towers, “Las Chulpas“, preserve high dignitaries of Colla then Inca cultures. The necropol offers a spectacular view on the cliff plunging in the lake’s waters.

Cuzco 2

Cusco is enlisted in humanity’s cultural heritage, was holly location for the incas and for spanish colons. You can discover its large history via the Armes Place, vestige of Inca era or through its churchs. The Santo Domingo covent was built in 1663 on the foundations of the inca temple Qorikancha. Its arch and woodwork covered with golden paper are worth seeing.


The Cusco central market will please the amators of fresh products. You shall go see to enjoy local gastronomy between ceviches, cuy and chicken soup. Another mercantile atmosphere you can find in traditional market of Chinchero that take place each sunday. The salesamen still do barter!

The village hails by its huge wall and inca patios but also with its splendid colonial church.

Sacsayhuaman, Cuzco

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

The mythic inca city is set over 100km, north-west from Cusco. Localized at a 2430m altitud, the site spreads on a surface of 35 592 acres on the Machu Picchu & Huayna Picchu mounts. At it’s best period, the city was populated by 1800 people including the intigating Emperor, Pachacutec. Machu Picchu is organised in 2 parts, the agricultural localised arount the patios that allowed the harvasting of corn or coca leaves and the urban sector that surrounds a vaste place accessible through  two stairways of 3000 cases.

Cordillère Blanche
The White Cordillera

The most tropical one, this cordillera spreads on 180 kilometers and is composed of 60 summits of over 6000m, being the highest mountain of South America. The Huascaran Mountain and its eternal snow is the highest of Peru. It’s located in the National Parc carrying the same name. Created on 340 000 acres, this one welcomes 712 glaciers and a rich biosphere.

East of the national parc, the archeological site Chavin de Huantar elevates at 3200 m. A major site of peruvian archeology, it is topped in it’s center by the Grand Pyramid. A musuem allows you to admire the most beautiful pieces discovered on the site.


Iquitos is exclusively accessible by plane of boat. Entirely surrounded by a virgin forest, it’s the entry to Amazonia. It’s really entertaining to see that even though the city is remote, the french engineer Gustave Eiffel marked it with his work. He draw and built a house with a  metallic structure in Belgium that was bought by the wealthy entrepreneur Julio H. Toots and moved by boat to Iquitos.

Nevetherless, Iquitos is mainly attracting for it’s green atmostphere, well-suited for cruzes on the Maranon river.

South-east of Amazonia, Puerto Maldonaldo is the entry door to visit the natural sites like the Tambopta Candoma Reserve. On only 5500 acres, live 535 bird species or 1122 butterfly species. The reserve can also be appreciated through the lakes or their “cochas”, which are dried riverbeds. Puerto Maldonado is also a point of start for its cruzes.

We finished our tour with beloved Peru with Angie. Thanks to her and Peru Excepcion we were transported the time of 2 posts, and it makes want to go to beautiful Peru even more. I hope I will be able to go very soon to discover all the richessness of this country.

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