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Today, we meet again with Angie, after our first article on Buenos Aires (here). Today she will  help us discover another latin american country which is Peru! As there is so much to discover, two post will be published : the first one will concentrate on West of Peru when the second one will rather focus on East side of Peru. Before getting into it, I am going to tell you how my urge to visit this beautiful country arose.

 The day I decided I would go to Peru

My desire to one day visit Peru all started in 2013. It developed during one of my numerous reading sessions of Vogue Paris. Most people don’t even read this magazine as they consider that it’s a bulk of advertising in a very glossy wrap. The addicted readers know that it’s rather editorial art.

Mario Testino, the famous fashion photographer has peruvian orginies.For the April 2013 issue ( front cover by Isabeli Fontana) he showed through the pages, elements of his culture : art, gastronomy, charming locations and landscapes. Everything made me want to leave right away. Breath taking. It’s at that moment I knew I would go. One day.

So when Angie from Perú Excepció offered to present  Peru via AMGC, the occasion was too pretty and I said yes. Hoping that really soon, I will be able totell you about this country I keep fantisizing about, though my own eyes. I will leave you at it with Angie, who is going to tell you more.

 Discovering Western Peru with Angie

Peru is a land of contrasts. Discover with me the must-sees of Western Peru.



At the west side of the country, the capital city gives on the Pacific Ocean. Crossed by the estuary of the Rimac lake, Lima benefits from a beautiful architecture influenced by colonialism and neo- clacism. Official buildings and museums follows one another with great harmony. The historical center is classed at the Unesco patrimony. Don’t miss the Armes Place, of the convents of Santo Domingo and San Francisco.

Lima concentrates numerous museums among which the Larco Musuem that has the particularity to present a panorama of over 3000 years of Peru’s history.

Stroll over the sea side of the Chorillos barrier and check out from the inside on the colored San Pedro Place.

The country is rich of archological sites even in the center of the capital. In the Miraflores barrier, you can visit the Huaca Pucllana site that represents the pile of small adobe bricks around a pyramid of 23m. For a ballad among the trees, the San Isidro olive grove  is a great choice with it’s 1,500 olive trees spread on 23 acres.

Lima also gets animated on diferent beaches as Waikiki, la Pampila or Redondo at the bottom of the Miraflores and Barranco cliffs, where it is common to catch surf or windsurf aficionados on the waves.

In the evening, the capital city gets animated in the gypsy and romantic barrier of Barranco, where the bars, the clubs and the restaurants will entertain you. the Bridge of Sighs is a must-see stop for the romantic souls.

L'Arbre et les Mains de Nazca

The lines of Nazca & Palpa

Located in the city of Nazca at the center of the south peruvian coast, the lines of Nazca are geoplyphs that arouse curiosity and admiration. In order to do those wonders, the authors scraped the surface rocks in i order to let the darker rocks stand out, more adapted to perform traces. On 50km long and 15 km large, geometrical forms and animals admire each other from the top of a metalic tower of 12 m or by air. It’s impossible to step on the soil of the Nazca lines taking the risk to eroding them.

30 km north from Nazca, are the Palpa lines. Older by 200 to 500 years than the Lines of Nazca, those geoglyphs made by the paracas culture or also visible from miradors.


The colonial city is located in one of the most wild regions of Peru. At Arequipa, the sun shines all year and illuminates the houses made of white volcanic quarry ! Picturesque through its numerous convents as the monastery of Santa Catalina, its churches and colored colonial buildings, the city breathes well-being. The Armes place is boxed by the cathedral and by a double row of arcades. Under the shade of the huge palm trees, a beautiful fountain is set at the center of a flower bed. The passage from the near cathedral, welcomes you between its terasses with a view on the volcanos and souvenirs boutiques.

Village de Yanqui, ColcaCañon du Colca

In the north from Arequipa, the Canon Colca is one of the deepest canon in the worlds with its 3,400 m deep. At the pre-colombian time, cultural terraces were converted, resulting in a cascad of colors on spring. Stay further in the Yanque and Chivay, 2 villages. A little further, the Canon of Catahuasi is the deepest in the world.



In the north  of Peru, the city of eternel spring is the cultural capital of the country, thanks to its famous authors and multiple events as the folklorique dance contest or the Marinera, end of January.

Its historical heart gravitates over the Armes Place. The pedestrian Pizarro street in the historical center, invites you to time travel  with its buildings with colored facades. We like to visit Trujillo for its architectural combining colonial style and neo-classic republican as Casa Obdergoso built in the XVIIIe century.

The Chan Chan archeological site, near Trujillo, is impressive with its 28km² welcoming 50 000 people at its apogy. Today, we admire the vestige of a dozen of palaces and mausoleums of the Chimú culture

Tucume, Chiclayo


A couple of kilometres of the coast town, Chiclayo, the Huaca Rajada Sipan archeoligical site is a major funeral site of the Moche culture. The tomb of the Sipan was discovered recently ( 1987). More than lords corpse , the grave disclosed the corpse of 2 women, of a man and a dog as well as jewelry and other ornements of a priceless value.

This is the end of our Western Tour of the beautiful peruvian land. For more information, feel free to visit the site of Perú Excepción here. Stay tuned for the Eastern Peru tour. Will be published next week.

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