Back in August 2018. At that time, I’m still on a family vacation in Spain. The weather is nice, it’s hot and life in Valencia is chill.  Our days are divided between visits to the Cabanyal Market, swimming at the Playa de la Malvarossa or strolling around the city center. We were in a  kind of holiday routine that I think is really enjoyable when traveling with family (in my case with my parents, my sister and a friend of hers). To give a little boost to this pleasant but slow-paced holiday, with my sister and her girlfriend, I decided to go visit El Saler.

El Saler is a town located south of Valencia and is the site of a unique natural environment, which is classified under environmental protection, the Albufera Natural Park, extending over
21,000 hectares. It is an area with unique species of birds and flowers.

On one side, there is the Dehesa del Saler which includes vast areas of pine forest and a beach of sandy dunes. That’s where we went. On the other side, you will find the Albufera, Spain’s largest freshwater lake. You can go hiking or cycling or boat tripping throughout the area. It’s a place full of charm and authenticity, to visit if you go there on vacation.

From where we stayed near Cabanyal Beach, it took us about an hour to get to Playa del Saler. And yes, it is a wild beach. From the bus, we crossed through the park, meeting vegetation, and finding an uneven and airy beach and very sparsely populated. We were in a natural environment. Small disappointment, as soon as we arrived, the sky was overcast and the sea begin to unleash, which made it rather moderately safe to dip in. We were still lucky enough to see the sun break once in a while, during which we could immortalize this moment and unique place, through this series of pictures.

It made it totally worth it.

Crédits photos : Kirsten A.

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