My close friends will tell you, I am not the adventurous type. At the amusement parc , I hold persona affects, during ” physical” activities, I am a woss and I spend all mt time watching.

Some would sayn maybe i hav the wrong friends. I would say that I am so lazy it”s a killer. I gave the impression I am missing out on so much, everytime I see my friends are having the time of their life.

So I promissed myself I will make an effort, to get back in shape and to risk myself  to some activites that get me out of my confort zone.

Duing my stay is Turkey ( yeah this trp again), went for a boat ride for a day. Huge thanks to those people we’ve met and contributed to make this trip a really good memory.

Weel that day, I was getting out of an bad food poisoning episoe that caught me two daysago. I won’t detail that moment, not glorious enough.

Anyways, I felt a little groggy, but well enough to not want to miss out on that day.

We were about 15 people on the boat The weather was great. On the boat, there was a little team : a  cook, a captain and a mouss ( we do still say that right? )

En_mer_4The mousse



First we went to this creek were we swam. We even saw those huge boats with a whole lot of people playing music really loud. I already road that kind of boat when I went to Mallorca two years ago, and all I can say, it’s that it does not feel the same. But it’s always better than doing nothig,  especially when you are on a smal budget. I talk about here.


I tried. I am a poor swimmer lol. I took a dip, holding a board. Really need to get those swimming lessons. It’s was neverteless very  pleasant.

Onc we got back on the boat, It was already time to have lunch. We had sea bream and pasta. Simple but tasty. I was just really relieved that I kept the food in my stomach, knowing my day before misadventures. Would you believe me , if I told you there was a ice cream seller  on the sea ? I’ve never seen that before and I told my self that in Turkey they have a sense of service and business that is really developed.

En_mer_16Magnum white chocolate and almond  : we don’t  have that flavor back home

 It was already time to move. The adventurous oes, perfected their plunging skills. As a non-adventurer and louzy swimmer I watched, relaxed and took pictures.

En_mer_7Sunglasses : Dior |  Earrings : H&M
And little Lucie’s hand…



Then the sky started welcoming some clouds. It was time to head back to the coast. The people we were with never experience that ” bad” weather. Were we bad luck ? (laughs)






Great weather or not, I was a beautiful day, free and relaxing.

As I said, we were about 15 on the boat and we paid about 85TL each. It’s about 30 €. Regarding the quality of the service, it’s more than okay. Everything we paid extra were our beverages and the ice-cream bought to the seller in his boat earlier.

If you have the opportunity to go on a boat ride in a small group, go for it. It comes with the condition to know  locals over there or people who vacate there, every year and know the place.

Prefer and Air b’n’b type of stay or a luxury hotel for that matter.

If any of you want to visit Bodrum one day and need extra information, feel free to send me an e-mail. I’ll share anything I know.

Have a nice day babes!

Love & Be Positive.


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