I love color. You must have noticed just by the name I chose for this outlet, right ? A couple months ago I purchased this yellow blazer from zara, that you must have seen me wore via this post with a coordinated pair of trousers. As I said, I love color. So how is it can you wear it and incorporate it in your everyday wardrobe ?

When I wear colorful blazers or trench or whatever covering piece I tend to keep the first layer minimal. So it would be either a white T or shirt, with the simplest design. I sometimes play on texture but I never over do it as I am busty.

On that day, I went with a long white T-Shirt from H&M that had lace so you could choose to tighten it for a more structured look. I threw in a pair of checkered cropped pair of trousers also from H&M. I love the vintage look it adds to the whole outfit and the color matches with yellow. As I am an advocate for streetwear and comfort, I finished the look with my new pair of white and golf huaraches ULTRA and that cute purse I got from ZARA in Mallorca. With an extra dose of self-confidence, you are so pulling this-off girl !

Always remember that style is not just the clothes, it’s choosing pieces that fall in sync with who you and your mindset . If you go by that leitmotiv, you’ll definitely pull-it off !

Blazer : ZARA

Pants : H&M

T-shirt : H&M

Sneakers : Huarache ULTRA by Nike

Purse : ZARA

Photos : Kirsten A.



  1. 18 January 2019 /

    Très belle association de couleurs. Peu de personnes ose la couleur et pourtant c’est tellement chaleureux et dynamisant.

    • 3 February 2019 /

      Merci beaucoup Corinne 😀
      Rien de mieux que la couleur pour aborder ça journée avec une force positive.
      Un grand merci pour ta visite!

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