I have some special thing a like to do on cloudy sundays : watching movie trailer for hours. It always starts  with a rom-com trailer and then it goes on and on until I realised I’ve already over a double-dozen of them.
But I can’t stop, as when I start th ice-cream box.

One day, I stumbled accros the trailer of ” before you”.

It promoted the adaptation of that book named the exact same. When I watched it about 6 months later,I am crying in front of my laptop, of course, nothing new. The outcome of the movie touches my soft spot. The main character writes a letter half-way between a love declaration and a farewell to the other main character, all of this displayed in Paris, Place Dauphine exactly. That scene just made you want to be that girl, seated in front of that café, so typically french, reading this emotional letter. The dreamer inside me told herself : ” You are so shooting Place Dauphine one day”.

A year later, here I come, waiting for Jeffry Junes on a bench, hoping that the dog who obviously owned the place doesn’t come and eat me LOL ( I am scared of dogs with 2 exceptions). Well I loved so much the story this place told at the end of the movie  that I had to shoot there.  It has that ” je-ne-sais-quoi” parisian vibe.

The outfit I choose had to match with the absolute charm of the Place. This white summer dress bought on Bershka’s e-shop, I originally wanted it red. But life often has it’s ways. While I was running an errand after I had ordered the dress , I saw a lady wear the reddish version and well the white version was actually a better option. This dress – the trendy type this summer – matches my romantic side that I rarely display. Nothing will indicate , neither my voice ton or the image I reflect. I was going to lecture you on how I had to repress my inner self to meet the expectations of my environnement , but I chose to save you from this overload of information. Or you may never agree to read me, again! You will get to see how talkative and crazy I am. More over, pshycological terms are always better said through a video right ? Maybe will I spill over on my youtube channel to come. So I am a romantic and for it to be this simple dress, this place sourrounded  by the pavament and those baby pink kind of satinish sandales, this story tells that. How about you ? Are you the repressing kind in order to meet the norm ?

Lately, I came across this interview of a philosopher that was discussing the concept of hapiness and self-accomplishment among other things. He said something that I kept in mind ” Hapiness is to achieve your profound nature”. Spinoza said do apparently. I find so much truth and comfort in those words. Shutting down those emotions of yours that make who you are, is not always the best of ideas. It stops us from that quest that wa all experience to finding what is our profound nature. Why would you want to be anything else than yourself ? Society makes us forget this, so I take pleasure in reminding you love.

Feel free to be you and not what expected. For it to be in terms of your reflection ( as in you style for example) but also inside.

I am a romantic, Place Dauphine, in front of Jeffry Junes’ lens.

How about you ? Who are you ?

Dress : BERSHKA | Sandals : NEW LOOK | Messenger bag  : Bought at  Asi Gan Mé ( Lomé big’s market ) | Sunglasses : H & M

Photos : Jeffry Junes  ( his page here)

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