Happy Epiphany. This christian celebration that takes place on january 6th  is celebrated on the first sunday of january, as the 6th is not a bank holiday.

The custom is to share a flat pastry cake in which is hidden a char that would make king or queen any person that will find it in their piece. All the contraty of what being a royal is about that is based on being well-born. I know it’s something we largely celebrate in France and I don’t know if it’s the case in anglosaxon countries. You should try it anyway ! Trust me.. !

This flat pastry cake is traditionally composed of almond paste and puff paste. There are some versions with chocolte or apples. There is also  a brioched version with sugar on top. What ever matches your taste. Personnally I have a preference for the flat pastry cake that is so good. Oh yes, I love almonds like crazy!

This year with my family, we deciced to try our own flat pastry cake home-made instead of buying it in a grocery store or at the bakery.

Voici la recette que je vais suivre.

Ingrédients :

700 g of puff paste

10 g of incing sugar

1 egg

For the almond paste:

80g of butter

80g of icing sugar

2 eggs

100 g of almond powder

2 table spoons of flour

1 – Coupez le beurre en petits morceaux et laissez-le ramollir à température ambiante.

1- Cut the butter in small pieces et let soften at normal temperature.

2- When its soften, beat it until the consistency be like a cream. Add the sugar and keep working the mix.

3 – Incorporate the eggs one at the time, then the almond powder and the flour little by litle. Mix well and put to rest in the fridge.

4-Etalez la pâte feuilletée sur un plan de travail fariné. Découpez deux cercles de 22 et 24 cm de diamètre.

4- Spread the puff paste on a work plan. Cut two circles of 22 and 24 cm of diameter.

5- Place the small circle of paste on a large parchment paper. Spread the almond paste leaving a marge of 3 cm all around.

6 – Beat the eggs and with a brush, apply on the edges of free paste. Place the second circle of paste on the almond paste and press the edges.

7- Put in the fridge 30 minutes.

8 – Pre-heat th.6/7 ( 200°C).

9 – Avec un couteau pointu, tracez des lignes courbes en partant du centre. Badigeonnez ensuite toute la surface d’œuf battu et enfournez. Faites cuire 10 min puis baissez le four th.6 (180°C) et poursuivez la cuisson 30 min.

9 – With a sharpen knife, trace curb lines going from the center of the piece. Apply onto the surface the beaten eggs and put into the oven.  Cook in the oven for 10 minutes and lower the oven to 180 °C and pursue the cooking for about 30 minutes.

10 – 5 minutes before the end,  add icing sugar on the top.

11 – Get the cake out of the oven, put on a grill and let to cool down.

12 – Serve warn preferably

I’ll tell you how it tastes once it’s done. Are you letting yourself tempted by a cake. If you are, what are you little secrets to make it tastier.

Good tasting and Happy Epiphany again.



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