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It’s already friday and couldn’t be happier for the week-end. The week-end means fun via cool activities in Paris or in the suburbs with friends or family. There is a lot of options. If you know me a bit or follow me via instagram (@multicoloreparis) you will know that I love food and eating. I spend most of my free time doing just that and sharing what I eat. So much, that my people have been asking me stop giving them the urge to eat via social media. I have to say, it’s the only thing on what I am not that careful. I just splurge.

In a recent post, I was telling you that I had a food blog that I never shared and now deleted, on which I recounted my culinary experiences. As did not want the content to go to waste and share with you, I am doing exactly that right here, right now.

Today, I am telling you about Gemini Les Halles. According to my research there would be 4 differents spots throughout Paris. Until today, I only went to the one located at Les Halles in the 1st quarter of Paris. It is right in front of a restaurant that I really like, Chez Gladines. 

Gemini, I went there during a week day , on the evening  with a good girlfriend of mine, whom I had not seen for a long time. I had decided at that time, to only try restaurants that were on my dedicated list. OK OK, I have a note in my iphone with a list of all the restaurants references I’ve tried, would like to try which I got through friends, press or the countless of blogs that I check-out regularly. So I have become quite demanding regarding the restaurants I decide to eat at.

I heard of Gemini via Fatou N’diaye (founder of the blog Black Beauty Bag). Knowing that she loves good food, I was already very confident about the outcome of this test. And I do not miss an opportunity to eat Italian food. I love Italian cuisine.

Before talking about what we ate, let me tell you more about the place itself. The space is nicely decorated. It is very traditional and modern at the same time. The back space where we were  installed was bright. The traditional touch was brought by the furniture, which reminded me of the one you could find in the old country schools, the cement tile that covers the entire counter at the front of the restaurant or the dishes in which we ate. Then the touch of modernity was embodied through the way the space was layed out and some other elements of decoration.

Once seated, we started by ordering drinks. If I recall, my friend ordered a Spritz and I ordered a glass of white wine. A Pinot Grigio I think. Well, I am not a conoisseur of wine or anything, so I’m not going to pretend I am. My memory tells me that the wine was nice. LOL.

Then we ordered a starter dish for two and a pasta dish each.

No matter which Italian restaurant I go to, burrata always gets my favors. This is what it looks like for those who do not know what burrata is.


Burrata is a mozarella in appearance, but is way softer on the inside. It’s delicious when paired with cherry tomatoes, basil leaves and bread, but may also be paired with something else. Another restaurant where I ate some, serve dit with an eggplant caviar. It was succulent.


Regarding the main dish, my friend took the Linguine Vongole and I opted for La Carbonara di Salvatore, which is a carbonara with langoustines (below)


Finally, we shared a dessert. We went for a classic Tiramisu to finish the meal on a beautiful note.

Globally, the meal was pretty good. The burrata was magic, the pasta was good even if they were a little too al dente for my taste and were too poor in langoustines for the price of the dish (18 €). Tiramisu was definitely good too.

It’s a place I recommend despite a service that was sometimes a little slow. The waitress seemed very swomped, managing both service and orders on her own. But this is nothing, really. The place and staff are still very welcoming. Great bonus, some dishes on the menu are gluten free. For a meal for two, count 60 € to 80 € (if you’re not too greedy). For one person, I think you can get away with 20 to 30 € depending on whether you order a starter and dessert in addition to the dish. Feel free to give me your feedback if you try this place. I would love to hear all about it :-D. 

Gemini Les Halles, 16 rue des Halles 75001 Paris
Tél. 01 42 61 59 20

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  1. 5 September 2018 /

    J’adore aussi la cuisine italienne :)))
    Merci pour cette revue et cette bonne adresse 😉

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