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Happy Valentine’s Day to you ladies!  This holiday is either a hit or a or a date on the calendar that a bunch of single woman higly resent, reminding them of their unchosen single status . But it shouldn’t !  What if Valentine’s Day was time of the year we put ourselves first, even more than usual ?

First of all.. where does Valentine’s Day come from ?

Saint Valentine takes its origin from quite a romantic story, the story of Emperor Claude II, the Gothic (reassuring isn’t it?), who wanted to prohibit marriage to prevent men from being tempted to stay with their fiancées rather than going to war. But Valentin de Terni, did not hear it that way! This monk known as St Valentin, refused to submit to the authority of the sovereign. He continued to marry enamored couples, defying the authority of Claude II. Imprisoned, he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer Julia, who was blind. After multiple exchanges, they fell in love and by some unknown miracle, Julia regained her sight. Claude II, The Gothic ( his name makes total sense right ? ), who didn’t like christians, had Valentin condemned to death. Becoming a martyr, he will be considered by Pope Gelas as Saint Valentin, honored from 494, every  February 14th.

Une fête de l’amour, mais aussi du courage

Ok, today, Valentine’s Day is a holiday during which companies only see big bucks and a way to sell more products and services. As much as a reminder for a number of single women that they don’t have a partner with whom to celebrate. But love doesn’t come exclusively in one form, right ? It’s everywhere. Before necessarily celebrating the love of a you + a me, can’t we just begin celebrating a love of one-self ? And then one can also decide to celebrate the courage that had this dear St Valentine, a martyr, to challenge the authority of a very austere emperor . So, let’s stop having this day in horror and  genuinely enjoy and make the most of it.

Self-love, the greatest form of love

Above all, this day in honor of love, may be an opportunity to appreciate yourself, because self-love is the least we can give ourselves. Cease the opportunity to celebrate this day in your own way. Maybe it could be this little dress that you’vz been craving for a week,  this restaurant you want to try or this movie you’d like to watch. Because nothing is too good for you. This day may be the way, if you choose it, to celebrate, you.

Galentine’s Day : Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends

Girls’night is the best of treats. So to enjoy this holiday that places love in the spotlight, why not spend it with the woman or women of your life? A lot of wine, rum, a good rom-com on Netflix, music in “Dja Dja” mode with something to eat and the evening goes crazy, is fun and full of friendship. Or other option, you put on that nice dress of yours  and go out with your  girlfriends, have dinner, have a drink or why not even go hit the dancefloor? Believe me friendship is one of the most beautiful forms of love there is. So do not regret your non-valentine for the moment. It won’t be long for him to knock at your door.  In the meantime, you will always have your girls.

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves.

PS : A non-exhaustive selection of rom-coms to watch on Netflix.

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