Hello beauties !

Who says new week, says new outfit! After à break this week-end with a  “mood”article, let’s get back to the US, with a new outfit proposition that I shot in Harlem during a stroll in the neighborhood, during my summer vacation.

Harlem is so diverse. The place is recognizable thanks to its ” Brownstone houses”  that I dream about. You can also find them in Brooklyn. The prices on Brownstone houses rose over the last 10 years, due to high speculation on the real estate market, for this highly searched estates. It’s actually on my bucket list ”  Buy a brownstone house in Brooklyn”. Still dreaming uh!

When looking for a location to shoot this outfit, this road with all those houses felt perfect. The trees bording it, create somekind of a shadow and allowed to diminish the high dose of ligt of a shiny sun.

street b
This outfit was meant to feel urban and cool, for a stroll on a sunny day. The bomber, that you saw in a previous look was just out of the store, as well as the Puma sneakers I was wearing. I found them in the kids department of Macy’s lol. I wanted something simple but still cool.

street b_1

The adopted hairstyle contributes on its own. I did twists on my hair just after a wash, to obtain after 2 days, well defined curls, but I ended keeping them longer, as I actuall liked the twists themselves.

street b_2

street b_3

street b_4

street b_5

Bomber : Purchased at Century 21 
Denim & et taut collar necklace : Zara 
T-shirt : Walmart 
Sneakers : Puma (Purchased at Macy’s)
Sunglasses : Ray Ban 

street b_6

street b_7
I have to say, I really enjoyed shooting this look. I was feeling great in my shoes and happy to take a walk in the streets of Harlem.

I hope I will get to do it more often.

Have a great week ladies.



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