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It took me a while to find the right  cut of pants in which I feel comfortable taking into account the parameters that make me, well me. These parameters being my little belly, my shapes that I do not try to hide, but no longer try suffocate into tiny cuts, or the length that can be problematic when you buy something other than Levi’s. And then  culottes burst into my world. Ever since then I can not live without them.

Top : H&M | Culottes : BERSHKA | Kitten heels : MINELLI | Purse : CARPISA

The cut I go for every single time.

For almost a year, this is the cut that I preferred to slim, straight leg, bootcut, mom jeans, carrots cuts or any kind of pants and denim. It’s a cut I discovered a few years ago, but it was difficult to find various models at the time. It remains for me those pants I love, adapted to my body type. Because it’s not too long, tight and loose where it’s needed to be and so comfortable. But the real bonus is that it is a model that remains versatile in terms of style. It can be worn casual or classy without problem. I bought several models of different colors, just to be able to have fun with it.

 How do I wear culottes ?

In this new series of photos “Uniform # 2”, I show you one way to dress a black denim culottes skirt, classy.

 I mixed them with a white shirt with large sleeves. I love the vintage / victorial vibe of this piece.

In terms of footwear I opted for a pair of shoes with very small heels that are called “kitten heels“. This is a purchase from the closet of my friend N’geur, who are from Minelli. Kitten heels are my absolute favorite as well. I love them as high-heels are just not my thing. I can’t manage to walk in them and am not willing to make an effort, so I upgrade my game with kitten heels. , Check out my previous post, in which I also go for another pair of my closet.


Accesories are a must.

Then to accessorize, I went for a mini – bag found in Italy from a brand called Carpisa. I don’t wear it  often, but I find it cute and big enough to stick to my daily essentials (phone + headphones, keys, train pass and lip balm)

Finally, let’s not forget this pair of drop-earrings I bought in the now former store of the clothing label Bazara’Pagne . I do not know who the designer is, but I really like wearing them. Even if they are rather sober, they have something special things.

Given the weather at the moment, a coat is not so much of an option . So icing on the cake, here is the uniform coiled in a gray coat.

That’s how by associationg this and that , that I created a second “uniform” outfit, these outfits in which I feel perfectly at ease and perfectly myself.  How about you ?

Do you have a favorite piece you can not stop wearing ?

Let’s catch up thursday, a new post will be up.

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