I’ve always loeved having that impression to distinguish myself when I do dress up. For a long time, I have experimented possible combinations, in the process of finding my style.

Among those “diamonds” moments there was the newspaper printed trousers I bought in London ( Brixton Market) when I was 11, my all green sportswear look when I was in my senior year of high school ( one of my girlfriends love reminding me of it), my over the top original combination I did when in university. I associated a black 80’s inspired midi ruffle skirt with a deep purple top and Nike Dunk that were a mix if green, purple and blue. When I  think about it, I am horrified.

The point in common with each of these experiences in style, is the way I went for it. I would lash out hard at my friends, criticizing my stylistic choices. Because I felt like I had the right to  to search for who I was. It’s a freedom that no one had or still has to take away from me. I am always surprise about how much I hate to be told how I am suppose to dress. And I hate that people think coordinating colors is an obligaion.

What can you or not mix ? The possibilities are endless . The goal being to find the perfect combination, for it not to feel like to much or not enough. The perfect middle, for your look to be recognized by yourself first and with luck, others. And wen you can inspire this kind of reflexion towards anybody else,  you’ve reach some kind of a nirvana.

I tried this outfit, the game of colors and shapes, sticking yo 2 colors white and blue. I had a limited choice of pieces being on holiday and I wanted to try the mix of stripes and prints. My two constraints were the heat and the search of confort. The outfit needed to be light , as it was hot in Turkey. It also needed to be easily removed to take a dip, and put back on as I was taking a day-trip.

white & blue 1

white & blue 4*white & blue 5

white & blue 6

white & blueCrop-top : Zara | Skirt: Pull1 & Bear | Bag : JCrew | Slip-ons  : E. Leclerc
Sunglasses l: RayBan

The result has the merit to correspond to what I like and enccourage a pursuit in my experimentations, that will, one day, lead me to meeting my style, some kind of a signature.

How about you girl, what’s your story ?
Are you an amateur of the game of colors and shapes ?

Have a great day !

Love & Be Positive.

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  1. 6 October 2015 /

    Sans faute ! le mélange d’imprimé fonctionne dès qu’on est dans la même palette de couleur. Très jolie look estival, j’adore le cadre ! 😉

  2. 28 September 2015 /

    C’est un beau mélange que tu nous as fait 🙂 La tenue est top et les imprimés se marient bien !
    Mon histoire est banale : d’abord, je ne portais que ce dans quoi j’étais à l’aise “pantalons larges, pulls larges) puis, je suis passée au total look noir pour aujourd’hui valser avec de nombreux styles. Preppy un jour, femme fatale le lendemain, casual le jour d’après… ^^

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