As my stylistic research  never ends, I feel like we should connect with the clothing we choose to wear. After all, it’s what shows first about us, who we are. Every warrior chooses his armor with attention and dedication. We shouldn’t be an exception. Personal style, I see it a war strategy. A daily outfit like an armor.  You choose what you want to show or not, according to the occasion, your soul at the moment. You are in complete control. It’s one of the reasons fashion has helped revolutionize women’s condition and is a remarkable witness of time. It’s t unfair to reduce it to simple pieces of irrelevant material or on the contrary give it to must importance. Because it all comes from you. You are the sun ( you will definitely notice my love for Christina Yang with this sentence).

For the longest of time, my wardrobe choices were mostly dictated by my willingness to fit in. Then I understood that I did not want to fit in or conform. It took the time it took. As a huge fan of self development, as much as personal style, this idea sunking in : each of us have the power to have an impact thanks to our actions. You all have the power to impact someone’s life in a meaningful way, in any direction. With the power of words, of image, or by sharing our vision of the world. We all have a seat a the table, to inspire others and help them get to the version of themselves they want to be. That is also making a difference. I chose to make a difference via what makes me twirl as in style and  and my strong will to tell the most profound stories. It’s settled then. You know my intentions. Now let’s talk style, shall we.

This serie of photos is inspired by the dress. I found it at Zara, while strolling around with my beloved collegue. I didn’t buy it just yet, per usual. I checked it out several times before doing so. What’s the rush? You should click with every new piece you add to your wardrobe.

What I loved immediately about this dress are the sleeves. Romance in clothing! The cut, the length and the color are really cool too. The only hiatus would be that this dress does not match my body type, but it has more pros than cons so we are good. And I love this dress. As simple as that. Trendy or not, love this dress. It’s the perfect blend between simple, detailed  and structured at the very same time. This dress has a romantic soul. Everything I love.

The purpose is to express my vision on feminity . Dolled up but not too much. To balance the simple of the dress, I added pop shades and a handmade bag I bought in Accra.

But I can’t be talking about this series without talking about the place we shot it. It’s my piece of heaven . My home far away from home. A spanish home like, oasis of happiness. Exactly what this simple, structured, detailed dress inspires me. TAKE ME BACK!

Story short, lesson 1 : Wear what you love before anything else. Afterwards make sure what you love flatters your beautiful soul. And magic will happen.

Stay tuned Lovelies.

Dress : Zara| Purse : African Center in Accra (handmade) | Sandals : KIMONI | Sunglasses : Isaac Mizrahi

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