What could I say about this dress… I have so much to say about it and even more about the people that created it ( I feel like saying her. This dress would totallly be a woman). Gaby is one of the people that makes me the most emotional. Many people step into our lives, but you can’t explain it, some leave a part of them in the process, and  moves you. In Gaby’s case, it’s sensitivity, her really honest and rare honesty and her evolution in a few collections that move me. Her and her partner live the collections signed Ebony City. The last spring/summer 2017 collection “MEMORIAE” was created for modern time amazones. I was so excited when I discovered it. For many, clothes are just useless, but often, designs tell stories or influences of their creator. And the the story behind this collection, particularly stands out among all the others they told.

To honor the ” Safia” dress, I had a warm and natural setting. The one you see on the pictures is in one of my favorite places in the world: it’s green and feels so earthy and homie.

. To dress up Safia, only simple accesories : hoop earrings from Balaboosté and bi-color sandals I got on Zalando about 2 years ago. I gathered my braids into a simple pony tail. “Less is more” has never been so respected.

Thank you Gaby for being so inspired and for creating thos modern day amazone armors that beautifies us and give us the courage and strength to fight those fights we need to . And you amazone who is reading , go check out this collection to find your armor for a day or an evening here

Photos : Latifah Iddriss IG account )

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