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I went for a change again ! Just like that ( well I thought about it  a little), I have decided to go for another round of braids that I had already done a couple months ago and that I shooted  herehere ou encore here. I loved the blond experience, so I wanted to go with something more redish.

The reactions of me turning blond  were very black/white and funny. You had those who loved it and others that clearly didn’t approve at all. I love creating controversy! lol

This time, I went for a color 30 that corresponds to bright auburn. And I so happy with it. Great joy to spend part of my spring with this new do.

I thought I could show you the process of this hair change that is so convenient for lasies with afri hair and gives us the opportunity to change hairstyle with ease. For those who don”t know about it, discover how your friend, neighbour, or person in the street get this look that you have witnessed once in your life.

The kit for beautiful braids

To get the braids look, here are the elements you need.

  – hair ( like weave but meant for braids)

– a comb

– hairspray

– hot water and towels

– a blowdryer

 The first step is to prepare you hair for braiding. they need to be pulled out and soften through brushing. Then she ties them into a knot to avoid tangles.

art des tresses 3

art des tresses 4

art des tresses 5

art des tresses 6

On hair well detangled , you take a portion of you hair. The size of that portion is determined by the size of your head and the size of the braids you’d like.

art des tresses 7

Then you take out a portion of hair . The size will be according to the portion of natural hair chosen ( on your head)

art des tresses 8

art des tresses 2

  Then , you roll the hair around the portion of your own hair and you tart braiding them together. It’s not easy at first if you are a begginer, but a well-trained hair-stylist does is with great ease.

art des tresses 1

… until the wanted length.

art des tresses

To do braids for your whole head count 3 to 5 hours ( according to your head’s size). I have quite a big head so in general I always plan 5 to 6 hours for medium sized braids.

I have to admit that my hairstylist Tata B. agrees to braid my hair because she likes me. And I thank her for it. I recommend her to you as she is one of the rare hairstylist I knos that styles my hair with thinking. She knows where she is going at all times. You have a 90% guarantee to have what you’ve asked for. In the other 10% case, you will have a hairstyle that flatters you. And she is always ready to try new ideas and I like the fact that it’s a team effort to get to the final result.

It always starts with a picture I would see on IG, Pinterest or a blog. I send her a picture and we see how we can proceed. I am always in the vibe of trying new colors ( It makes my mother desperate. She referred to my latest choice of color as yellow pee lol)

And the best, is that you will never end up with a “helmet” effect on your head, which I have in horror. That’s the main reason I cut out braiding my hair during most of my teen age. All hairstylists didn’t know how to braid my big head.

If you are interested in her services, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post or by emailing me. I would be happy to introduce you.

The results of this do is to be seen in my next posts and on my social media accounts.

Have a great week-end that I hope sunny for you 🙂

Love & Be Positive


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  1. 2 June 2015 /

    Le résultat final est magnifique ! J’ai tressé mes cheveux pendant 1 an car j’étais en transition capillaire, mes cheveux ont énormément poussé ! Mais…je tiens à mes tempes ! l. Pour faire celle qui raconte un peu sa vie (lol), je me suis enfin décidée à couper la partie défrisée pour ne laisser que la partie naturelle & je fais des crochets braids. Je trouve ça bien comme coiffure car les cheveux ne subissent pas cette traction constante que l’on peut avoir avec des rastas.

    • moodygirlscloset
      3 June 2015 /

      Merci pour ton message! J’adore que tu racontes ta vie! :-). Jusqu’à aujourd’hui on a beau m’expliquer j’ai encore du mal à comprendre le système des crochets braids. Faudrait que j’essaie car c’est vrai que les tempes souffrent avec les rastas. Je suis heureuse que tu aies tenté l’aventure. Je suis un peu dans ton cas. Je t’invite à lire l’article dans lequel j’évoque ma transition. Je te laisse le lien : Au plaisir de te reparler. Bonne journée et surtout merci pour ta visite :-). Bises.

  2. maelitchi
    31 May 2015 /

    Bon article 🙂 Je pense que tu as éclairé beaucoup de personnes!

    • moodygirlscloset
      31 May 2015 /

      Je te remercie ma belle. Je l’espère. :-).

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