Hi there ! Have you noticed how hard I am trying to write for you guys on a regularly basis ? I hope I will be able to hold on to this pace. Writting for you guys is a daily pleasure.

Today , it’s the last article you will be getting realted to my trip to Lomé ( togo). Discover the Grand Market of Lomé, that I have briefly mentionned in the post ” Lomé by car”.  (ici)

The Grand Market of Lomé it’s vivid colors, everything and nothing sold on the side of the road . Men & Women that create stuff as if it came out of a hat by magic and that are always negotiating and all the time.It’s a whole culture that you can see drawn in front of you when you go to the market,whatever culture you are discovering. The unique condition is to keep your eyes bright open.

I am so happy to be able to discover or re-discover in a place that shleters so many artistic fantastic items, my culture. I saw beautiful pieces. Like this bag I bought and that I have already adopted, like in my recent post ” African French” (ici). If I had listened to myself, I would have bought a model of each. But I was reasonable. OK, I admit the fact that my aunt brought reason out of me. 🙂

In regards of the reason of my visit in Lomé, as well as the short time of my stay, I couldn’t take much more pictures. Next time I go, I promiss, I’ll show you more.

Have a great evening and see you tommorow for a post on St Valentine’s day and a giveway. the first one ever since the blog was launched. So, stay tuned.grand_marché 13_lomé_togo_ afrique

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