Hello darlings.

How are you doing ? I haven’t really able to post so much for various reasons as a spanish week-end with my job, a first ever fashion week experience and being out of good and interesting content.

These days I am such in a bubble. I haven’t watched TV or listen to the news in ages, ever since I got Netflix to be honest. But I mean loves, it’s just so freaking depressing. It’s all about natural and  human catastrophes. If feels like we are now paying the price of all those things humanity did wrong. I want to send my love and support to all those people who are suffering and paying the price of all our mistakes.


Continuing on that subject, I want to ask to my fellow americans to fight for the things you can change as in the enforcement of gun control. Don’t do nothing because you feel you have no power. Your voice counts and your influence on other people too. I am a fashion and style blogger and I know this media is not dedicated to such a topic. But there is no other way to address this issue. I sincerely believe that through one’s passion, one can change the world and make it a better place. It’s all about having a positive impact, how ever, on just one person. Imagine that person is set to do great things and helps thousands, millions of people ? You would have contributed to it on a grander level. Just take perspective and see the big picture you are part of.

This being said, today this outfit is about family. More specifically about my grandma and I.

I didn’t get to spend much tim with my grandma growing up. I was named after her. Even from afar, she gave me so much. My passion for fashion & style is not a coincidence. You see, Grandma is a seamstress. One of the best according to my mom. She even taught my dad to sew. In the middle of her 70’s, she still sews everyday for her loyal clients in her workshop back in Accra. When I visited in may, as usual she offered to sew me a few pieces.. so we went to choose several clothes and I drew her what I had in mind. In no time, it was ready.

As much as I am passionate in styling and telling stories she is in her art of sewing. Wearing her design coming out of my mind makes this outfit one of the most special I own and ever  wore . And through this series of photo I wanted to show my appreciation of her. Appreciative of that passion that partly comes from her. And finally how proud I feel to be the product of a multicultural background . Because I have always knew that I had the choice to be who ever I want to be whatever the clichés, the stigmas, the wrong perception and misconceptions that are out there about being a woman, being an african descendant, being black or being such a crazy vibrant cool kid who talks plenty.

I blog on such a topic as fashion and style because I love it, because it’s my  way to raise my voice and because it helps a girl like me to represent and inspire other girls who feel and look like me in a more effective way. It’s a way to own and tell our stories. It’s a chance  a lot don’t have so it should be honored.

Thank you Grandma for all of that.

Top & Culottes : Grandma’s creation | Sneakers : Adidad Originals Stan Smith | Earring : Balaboosté

Pictures : Jeffry Junes ( IG  and page)

Updated : 07/01/2019

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