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How are you doing ? Do you remember I said I would dedicate a whole segment to “food” from now on ? Well this is it  ! I started a food blog named ” Déjeuner & Diner” same time last year, as an experiment ( my love for blogging though). I created quite some content that I never really promoted, so very few people saw it. Eventually, I deleted it. But I still wanted to share the content created. So for the next couple of week, I’ll publish that content. It’s all about spots in different places I have been to and home recipes.

Today, I tell you more about a restaurant I went to in New York about two years ago. I miss New York. Immensely. So this is a way to ease the pain LOL !

 This french restaurant full of charm, standing in NoLita is Le Parigot 

It was my second time there. My sister, cousin, uncle and I were coming back from the airport. It wasn’t the restaurant I had in mind right out of the plane to be honest. Unfortunately the one I had in mind, located on the Seaport, had closed its doors a couple month earlier due to the New York floods that happened months before. But I was still hungry and craving a rib-eye steak ! I hadn’t eaten in the plane, as I developped the habit to avoid any food served in an aircraft, just in case.

I remembered that during my last visit, I also liked a restaurant my uncle made me discovern that was Le Parigot. A few minutes later, we were settling at the table. It was exactly the same as  I left it. Except for the staff maybe. It’s the typical bistro. Well typical with some very odd interior design though.  It’s very kitsch, filled with french references like Johnny Hallyday, all over the walls. It remained cool despite of that. It felt warm, with a nice and available staff and  a quick service. It’s pricey ( well Manhattan baby) but the food is worth it. You’ll find french classics  : avocado and schrimp, tartare, rib-eye steak that you can have with home-made french fries or mash potatoes “purée”. They also have a good selection of fish.

For french people that do not want to feel food desoriented righ away or people who just want to enjoy simple french cuisine, I recommend this piece of Paris. You won’t be disappointed.

Entrecôte, frites maison et purée

Avocat – crevettes &  Tartare de thon et sa petite salade

Le Parigot – 55 Grand StNew York, NY 10013-3119
Téléphone : 
+1 212-274-8859

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