As I was in the bus ( yeah still), I was approached by my favourite driver that hands me the May issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine begging me to let go of my phone and talk with people. ( that’s why he’s my favorite). It must be the generation difference that was talking.

I’m not  a big fan of Cosmo mag in general as I’m rather a Glamour reader, but I really liked the may issue. With most of the articles being really good, I was particularly drawn by one of their decoration selections. I discovered the KNOPPARP sofa from IKEA that I can’t just get out of my head. It’s cheap, I love the mustard color ( The piture makes it look that way).And imagine it for a second with mixed- matched cushions ! This sofa would be perfect for  hypothetic appartement that I will have not too far from now. To finish, this Cosmo may issue inpsired me a couple ideas of subjects to share with you guys. Bingo !

Here are a couple cushions ideas to match this ikea sofa.  I am such a fan of the House of Arike cushions, a english-based brand that takes back the african clothes. If you like what you see, share this content guys !  I first discovered the brand on the internet  to finally meet them on their boothn at the Labo Ethnik, that took place in Paris last week. I will let you know more about what I saw at this Lab in my monday article. If interests you make sure to read.

my dream sofa

1 et 2 –  Maison du Monde Cushions
1/  Samothrace model
2/Indien Jodhpur model

3 et 4 – Coussins House of Arike
3/  Deola Bolster model
4/ Niyi Rectangular model

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