Hey ladies ! How are you today For those of you who are based in Paris, do you have a secret to combat the cold out there ?I am so cold that I am dreaming of California.

Today I would like to tell you about my hair transitionning that allowed me to go from sleek permed hair to natural coily and frizzy hair. I went nappy !

Before I give you any details, let me tell you what pushed me in that direction. I had my hair permed  for the first time at 4 years old. It’s really young but it was at the beginning and not really a watched process. Hairstylist and professionals do not recommend it until at least a lady has reached puberty. I have always been known  to have good hair. A huge amount and with a texture that hairstylist really liked. One of her asked me once if I swalled fertilizer ! :-).

And then , one day, all I took for granted was gone.  My haircare routines were all stambled by a abnormal loss of hair. My hairstylist at that moment confirmed. It turned into an obsession and got me into a vicious cycle. I lost masses of hair and it was depressing. It is all those events that got me to stop perming my hair. To let my hair rest and get to back to how they were. So I started  protective styling. After 6 months, I tried a elongating treatment from Desgin essentials and although at first the results were ok, my hair broke. I decided that I would do with what nature kindly offered, my natural hair.

For sometime, I had to manage my permed, sleek and coily hair, and let’s stay real it was bad.

Now that I big choped, I am happy with the results. And the road was not simple.

Let’s go over the few steps of the process.

1 – My last perm and I did not know it yet.

I had my hair permed for the last time, the day I handed a copy of my end of school memoir. It was on September 20th 2013. I went to the hair salon  and I hadn’t taken yet the decision to go natural but to change my routine by perming only 3 times a year. I hanged on 5 month with a lot of efforts and hair breakage as I understood a lot less my hair and its reactions.

transition capillaire 2


transition capilalire 1

hair transition 32- The hair elongation from design essential on February 2014

I needed that break. I did not want to give up with all my efforts  of getting my hair to grow natural but I liked and still do wearing my hair sleek with a wavy twist. Even though it helped at the begininng, it became compliated when I had to deal with 3 diferent textures that neede diferent type of treatment. So that was awful moments at time that braids  helped me ease.

hair transition 43 – Braids : brunette, blonde, your choice

To give myself a break I started getting my hair braided into rastas. I loved it. It’s prett, feminine and so convenient. Even though it needs mantaining it’s not the most  difficult hairstyle. I did dark braids at first than I moved on to blond and I create 2 teams : the people who loved it and those that hated it and felt invested by the mission to tell how ugly they thought it was as they prefered the darker version. I really loved it and I definitely want to do it again.

Colors of sunset 9

4- Braid-outs before the big chop

At one point, I turned out to the million of tutorials available via youtube that ladies did to show how they styld hair in transition. And I discovered or re-discovered  braid-outs and I went with that. To pursue with braid-outs you need to be disciplined to have an impeccable finish. I never get the same result. But I really liked some of the do’s I had, particularly this one, on the picture below.


5- The Big Chop

It’s on December 25th that my younger cousine almost begged me to chop the remaining of my permed hair as I looked like nothing. So she cut the parts identified as permed et that is how I got my afro.


6- The afro or my natural hair

It’s been a long time I haven’t felt both good and clueless about my hair. I don’t care anymore about humidity that obsessed me before as I worried my permed hair wouldn’t dry the right way and frizz. And foremost I feel a new version of myself. As If I stood out. I thank those women that opened this path for us and gave back a positive image of our coil hair.

 Now my real challenge is to understand my hair which will allow me to have a routine that will preserve the beauty of my hair. When I get there and during the process I will definitely tell you about it.

If you are still think it through, take your time, as once you made your decision, you will have to go through the whole process.

XO Ladies





  1. 8 February 2015 /

    Quelle aventure ! En tout cas tout de va bien, j’ai hâte de voir ton évolution avec tes cheveux crépus ! ^^

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