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What about we discuss food and have a break for a guilty pleasure ?

Our visit to Minus Celsius, was my friend Elodie’s brilliant idea. It was brilliant as the heat was just so harrassing in the big Apple at the end of July.

Located in Lower Manhattan, in Chinatown, Minus Celsius, is a little space, not really fancy, but that perfectly serves its purpose.

Ice cream made more sense.


Ice cream roll is a concept that aroused a little everywhere, that started in south east asia if I recall. The concept is simple.You create ice cream, mixing both liquid cream and whatever flavor you  want your ice cream to be ( fruits , cookie, etc..) on a super cold surface until it freezes. Then you flatten the mixture and roll them to be served in a cup.


celsius-minus_4The technique used to serve ice cream according to the ice cream roll concept.

It’s the concept Minus Celsius embraces.

For  7$, you get a cup of ice cream rolls of the flavor of your choice ( Crazy CookieCaramel Crunch or Matcha Madness among others).  One flavor at a time only is possible. You can add 3 toppings among fruits and sweeties.

PTo enjoy your ice cream, there are a couple of seats available but an ice cream while strolling is also a good idea.


If you are  a fan of Lower Manhattan and Chinatown, this address is a must do, during a summer afternoon in New York.


I also found an address in Paris around Metro Saint Paul, if you wanna  try it and live here in Paris. It’s called iceRoll.

Minus Celcius – 2 Grand St Ste E, New York, NY 10002 – Métro Grand St. ( B or D line)
iceRoll – 7 rue de Turenne 75004 Paris – Métro Saint Paul 

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