I certaintly not the kind of women that likes hiking and any other physica exercises that people do for pleasure. I hate it. I’d love to love it, bu I just don’t.

Nevertheless, it does not stop me from being a follower when needed. We decided, on that sunday morning, to have breakfast with a view at the Madeloc Tower, which is about half an hour away from Perpignan.

I was hot up there. We even came accross joggers and cyclists, who seemed used to these hills.

I have to say, once up there, I recognised that only fools don’t change there minds, as the view was WOAW !

From up there we could see both Collioure and Pernille, two little town on the seaside.

As pictures always speak better for themselves than I never will…

mont madeloc 2

mont madeloc 4

mont madeloc 5

mont madeloc 6

mont madeloc 7mont madeloc 8

mont madeloc 9

mont madeloc 11*mont madeloc

mont madeloc 3

Have a great day.

Love & Be Positive.

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