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As I have been used to be writting a lot more about fashion & style, I have been wanting for a while now to tell you more about beauty and body care in general ( hair and skin). So today I am doing just that, as I am telling you or let’s say showing you a part of my skin care routine with Nuhanciam Paris. For those who don’t know that brand, it’s a french cosmetics brand that is specialised for dark skins.

I have started using these  products quite recently ( about 2 months ago) and have to say that it has done justice to my skin. Those products are the Gentle scrub instant skin radiance and the Purifying radiance mask below. I used one after another for more results.

1 – Gentle Scrub

routine_beauté_ nuanciam_ masque_gommage 2

I use it to exfoliate my skin like any scrub. What is cool about this one is that it’s very gentle as the beads are so tiny. You just need to apply a small amount and scrub on your face gently
(and I underline gently) for about 2 minutes, then rinse. The smell is great and your skin is left soft.

routine_beauté_ nuanciam_ masque_gommage 4

2 – Purifying radiance mask

routine_beauté_ nuanciam_ masque_gommage 3

I use it after the scrub. It lightens up the skin and hydrates it. I apply a generous amount on my face avoiding the eyes and lips. After letting it pause for about 10 minutes I rinse it out.  Just before rinsing, I use a sponge to take out the excess of product then I rinse the rest.

routine_beauté_ nuanciam_ masque_gommage 5

routine_beauté_ nuanciam_ masque_gommage 6

Once all is done, my skin feels hydrated and soft, as if it was cocconed. It looks clearer . I advise you to do it once a week and not necessarily with these products, but others that could work for you. But I have to say that these products for my oily skin are the trick. And the cherry on the pie is the really nice smell of these 2 products.

You can finalize the routine by applying  a cream or a fluid. According to your skin type, you can choose it either hydrating or matifying.  I’d love to try the matifyng and unifying fluid from Nuhanciam Paris


Right now, I am trying one very good product from Biolissime. It’s the Mat finish skin. Find it here . No worries, I’ll be writing a review on it soon for more details.


If you’d like to know more about the other products of the range, check out Nuhanciam Paris’ website.

If you have any question I can assist on, feel free to ask loves.

Love & Be Positive.


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