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Fashion is my first love. I am passionate about it and can’t stop dreaming about it. But comfort is also mandatory for me. There is nothing more I hate than feeling stuck in an outfit as if I was a wax doll or something. That’s why I love so much the casual vibes.

 It was my birthday at the beginning of the month and my wonderful friends got me those wonderful sneakers I had put on my birthday wishlist ( among other things). These are the real deal. Elegant & casual , at the same time. When I unwrapped my gift and saw them I was so so so happy. Thank you wonderful friends.

So here I am showing them to you in ly latest outfit. I chose to keep it simple with a white shirt and a black pencil skirt. It stays casual the way I love it but with a twist with my cool favorite thrifted scarf and the Nike sneakers that overides the strict feel of a white shirt and a black skirt together.



Because all m friends are wonderful, others got me a set (with a pair of ear rings, a plastron bracelet and a ring)  of ethnic jewelry from Nature et Découvertes (here et here)   that I just adore. It’s inspired b Navajo culture. And I really like turquoise.








nike_air_max_thea_12Shirt : Uniqlo | Pencil skirt : Asos | Scarf : Freep’star  | Sneakers : Nike Air Max Thea Joli 

What do you think of this outfit ? Is it something you could so for ?

Feel free to leave all your comments below. Love having your reactions.

Love & Be Positive

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  1. Mercia
    14 June 2015 /

    Une de tes fantastiques amis est passé par la. Tu es belles dans tes jolies chaussures xD

  2. 21 May 2015 /

    Love your sneakers. I am really impressed with how you created a dressy outfit around them.

    • moodygirlscloset
      21 May 2015 /

      Thanks darling! Check out one of my latest article on a similar topic. I imagined a look around a redsox cap challenged by
      Loved you latest article on checkmate inspirations.
      I will get to go through your blog deeper over the week-end.

      Have a cool day 🙂

  3. 20 May 2015 /

    Je suis amoureuse de tes baskets ! L’association jupe et baskets, j’adooooore énormément ! Chic et décontracté 😉 ♥

    • moodygirlscloset
      21 May 2015 /

      Merci ma belle. Je suis allée sur ton blog et je l’ai trouvé très sympa. Je prendrai le temps de le consulter plus en détails ce week-end! Bonne journé à toi 🙂

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