It’s been some time that I have been wanting to show you. I’m going for it today !

Originally, I am not really into make-up, the principal reason beeing that since I was a teenager I have had skin problems and an oily skin. So it’s still a little complicated for me to feel comfortable with make-up.

A big fan  youtubers (especially Shirley’s), I really started to like make-up. I love the way it can diminish what does not flatter  you or on the contrary optimize what does, the condition being you know how to proceed and you don’t over do it ( like for any good thing according to me).

But if not careful, make-up can get really expensive in no time. That is why it’s so cool that brands like E.L.F ( Eyes.Lips. Face) or Kiko appeared to offer products that are more affordable. We can also turn to the well-established mass market brands such as l’Oreal, Gemey, Bourgeois, Rimmel, Covergirl etc.. that remain affordable and are good quality.

Professional oriented brands such as MAC or Bobbi Brown ( that have become references to go by) maintain a good price for the quality offered. As for luxury products, it can be worth it on basic products such as bases (essential to protect your skin), foundation and powder. Although it can get expensive, it’s really important to buy products your skin can cope with in order to not have to face disastrous consequences (spots, allergic reactions, etc..)

So invest on these couple elements, being careful to choose a base that is adapted to your skin type and a foundation with the right shade according to your skin color
(always try it directly on your face). My mother always repeated that it is on basic that I should always pay the price asked for. For your informaton: some day face lotions can be used as a make-up base, if that could prevent a long and expensive bill. After being over talkative, find below the last make-up products I bought.

What I bought is from Kiko and E.LF

new make up 1

A set of 12 brushes from E.L.F: I was out of many brushes to perfect the application of my make-up products. As a novice, I chose the lowest range. These are in synthetic fibers and cost 12€.
Brushes are available in all range in a lot of brands. Know that brushes can get really expensive. But it is an investment which is worth it if you apply make-up on a daily basis and if you wish to try new make-up styles. As long as you take care of them by cleaning them often,  they can last for years (according to the quality). I clearly chose a set of a quite low range to learn how to use them (and because  buying a 20 € brush is just impossible  to me at the moment). Once I have tested them. I will move to higher quality if necessary.

new make up 2

A palette of 32 eye-shadows from E.L.F. I got it as the shades are neutral et that we never have enough. It was sold 6,90€.

new make up 3I often get new lipsticks so I don’t always wear the same, this one I got is a deep red, perfect to enlarge my growing collection. Like it ? It’s available at Kiki for 6,90€.

new make up 4

… and the gloss «  double touch » that matches ! I admit that I got tempted by the nice saleswoman that sold dreamy lips, possible thanks to a gloss that leaves in place lipstick for up to 10 hours. As I am snacking all day long, there is no chance my make-up can stay in place, but the promiss is respected as the color resist anyway. So a tiny splurge again for 6,90€. 

new make up 5I also got an eye-lid primer really cheap ( 1€ ) to test. My eye-shadow stays in place longer. It is better that if I apply an eye-shadow without it.

new make up 6To try and practice contouring ( make-up technique that is so trendy these days), I bought a concealer, on shade lighter than my skin for 690€ from Kiko again. I already the shade for my skin color to minimize imperfections.

Done ! We’ll be talking about make-up and beauty a lot more on the blog. And I will be preparing videos, for us to interact more. What do you think ? Would you watch ?

Have a good week and stay tuned for the next article 🙂


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