As promissed, I am detailing Felicia Leatherwood’s workshop that I particularly loved at Natural Hair Academy 2015.

Felcia Leatherwood is THE hair stylist of natural hair in the U.S. ( for U.S readers, you may already know who she is). She travels around the world from conferences to conferences to put to light the beauty of afro natural hair, thanks to her expertise and creativity. I would see her like somekind of hair guru, as more than her expertise, she brings to the table her whole universe and her philosophy.

She is a partner of Natural Hair Academy since day 1 and I had that grat feeling that she felt at home.

NHA 2015 FL

For her conference for which the audience was packed, she did a recap of afro hair types. As I am the kind of girl that does not take notes to cease the moment, I am offering you to check out the description of hair types here. The classification is well documented ( in french though). But you can easily find it on the internet with a search.

She showed us exemples thanks to ladies in the audience. She also underlined the fact that most women have multiples hair types.

NHA 2015 FL 3

The real additional value of the workshop is that she answered to the problems exposed by the ladies in the room such as hair growth, hair products to use to care for our hair or the way to care for our hair when exercising.  I found that last question very interesting. My hair being a mess these days, all her advice was so useful. To be honest, I forgot most of it. But I will not forget how I felt. I felt empowered. Because for once I was not an OVNI. I was among girls who made the same choice I made.

 Although all questions seemed the same, the ladies looking for individual advice, Felicia always found a way to add a new dimension to her answers, that made the discussion even more interesting.

NHA 2015 FL 2

She explained for example that the wash & go technique is not adapted to all hair types, especially type 4 that is so frizzy. She also explained that ladies who had thin hair had to be extra cautious with their edgdes as it was the most frequent breakage point.

 She gave product references and demontrated the new brush she developed, allowing to brush hair with minimum breakage as very malleable. You can even purchase it via her website here.  You can also get all kind of advice on hair, health or just being positive.

We were also given styling ideas according to different  hair types and also for braided hair. She showed us how to perform the hair-do she did multiple times on Ava Duvernay, the director of Selma. It was really nice and suited the model really well. She was assisted by Dydy, lthe known french naturalista.

NHA 2015 FL 14Dydy, Felicia Leatherwood & Jennifer Lord

To finish, a fashion show took place all prepared by Felicia, Dydy and Jennifer Lord of  Natural Hollywood . It was great and I left the workshop excited by the rest of the day to come and wanting absolutely to meet Felicia and ask her for all the advice I can get.

NHA 2015 FL 4

NHA 2015 FL 5

NHA 2015 FL 6

NHA 2015 FL 7

NHA 2015 FL 8

NHA 2015 FL 9

NHA 2015 FL 12

NHA 2015 FL 10

NHA 2015 FL 13

NHA 2015 FL 15

We exchanged briefly at the end of the day with her and she seemed to be the sweetheart I knew she was, in love with hair and ready to help on any problem we would have. It was just like I imagined

  I wish you a beautiful end of day and see you tommorow for a post that will allow us to travel together.

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