It’s crazy how I have become completely obsessed with interior design since I own a home. Yes, “obessession” is the right term. To the point where I buy books (or add it to my  birthday wishlist lol), read articles or blogs about it during my breaks, think about subscribing to all the magazines dedicated to the subject or manage an excel file to trace what and when to buy my future possessions (unfortunately, I do not own Bill Gates fortune ). In addition I have a long list of things that I would like to get done, to finally have the “home” that I want. Zero pressure huh! 

Lately, when I was browsing on Facebook (you know, the institutional network,  instagram has-been padre), I saw that La Redoute Interiors presented their new  Fall / Winter 2018-2019 collection. Into my obsession hard, I thought : “why not go take a look at the future objects that will bleed my wallet ” ?

So I went there last night. I was stack-poile the 50th and last attendee, who was offered, a super, so nstagrammable  straw bag (tiring, I know). Thank you besides, La Redoute Interiors. I love it. (I wonder if the girl behind me was not green, because she tried to cut me in the queue at one point). In short, I discovered pretty very nice universes/  Okay, I was crazy about almost every piece of furnitures or accessory that was there.  What did not help, is that the colors of the universe corresponds to the colors I have at home. I am officially screwed,  for my greatest pleasure. Do not be surprised if you find my apartment on air’b’n’b in September (laughs,well kind of …)

Images are worth more than words, so here are some pictures that will give you an idea of ​​the next La Redoute Intérieurs collection, available from August (well after summer sales of course,  otherwise it would be too easy).

I wish you a bomb week-end. Enjoy and I’ll see you soon.


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