I went to the concert Beyoncé & Jay- Z gave for the last date of their “On the run” tour at the Stade de France and I have to say the Carters, d**m they gave a show.

 So consider this event for me as the highlight of the month. And imagine how envious I was of those happy fews who got to almost touch her. Well, you are  witnessing in writing  how obsessed a fan can be. :p.

I  am such a fan that I can admit that I have dreamed awake that I would have tea with her & that she would reveal her extra ingredient for success. I’m not the music type. Don’t get me wrong, I love music. But I am more the kind of person who listens to the same song over & over again, until I get sick of it. Beyonce  remaining the exception to that behavior. I don’t get fed up. Beyoncé’s music gives me courage. It might be marketing, well it’s great marketing as I am the perfect target. I admire the lady for the artist she is & the woman I think I see in her. Is that all an illusion ? Maybe.. but she help me think that no matter how big my  dreams are, nothing is impossible, it’s all achievable. That is the idea she embodies to me. And that is what defines the relationship I have with Beyoncé the artist through her songs. And it’s better than a therapy. So imagine how hysterical I was to see her for the first time at a concert..

The concert was fantastic. Just frustrated that I really saw the show through  screens. I was excited & happy to be part of this. She sang most of her hits & the latest tracks of her album “Beyonce”. Although the rumors around the power couple & the messages through the lyrics that created tension for some, the final date of this tour was great.

For the occasion, I dressed casually , as usual with a T-shirt by Chickenluvclothing of Beyoncé & Jay-Z , a pair of jeans, booties and a bi-material jacket. I also had a checked shirt ( it’s cold a the stadium !!)

Like a bottle to the Sea, I say  thank you for the show that drove me away from routine, chocked me, made me emotional & brought me joy. I say see you one day for tea & macaroons ( this will happen as I believe in a superior power that always does right).

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Xo and have a nice end of week.







T- shirt Beyoncé & Jay-Z  – Chicken Luv Clothing
Skinnies – Zara
Booties – Unisa
Checked shirt – Jennyfer x Mike Perry
Jacket – Zara
Sunnies – New Look
Bag – Aridza Bross







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