This series was shot during my summer holidays in Spain. It’s been a while since I had it in stock to present it to you but pause obliges, here it is, here it is.

That day, it was so hot, we were shopping  downtown Valencia with my mother, my sister and her friend. From the beginning this shooting was just going wrong. I almost had to beg my sister to agree to hold the camera and press the button while I was “directing” her . LOL.

Then between the buses that came along , my face dripping with sweat, my sister who could not make a clear shot and my mother who chanted a “Let’s go” every 15 seconds, this shoot wasn’t unfolding as I hoped. The result ? A series of cliché not so bad given the circumstances (thank God Lightroom exists), in which  I seem rather at peace.

Dress : ASOS | Purse : ETSY | sunglasses : ONOLLY 

Regarding the dress, yes it is colorful and expresses something ” either you love it or you hate it” . I bought it on the french version of ASOS during the summer sales. And yes, the patchwork of vichy patterns doesn’t cut it for everyone, but it does make a point :  even when things don’t seem to match , magic always has a chance to ‘operate.

Photos : Kirsten Apithy

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