Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Well if you don’t know me, I am Laura. For the past 5 years, I was the girl behind the fashion and lifestyle blog named A Moody Girl’s Closet.

I started blogging during my last year of  university. I still remember  the challenge that year was. I was juggling between a demanding school program, my job, and running the blog. At the end, I dit it. Bu it wasn’t easy.

Then, I went on with the adventure, living all those other milestones of a twenty something : getting that degree, the unemployment question, existentiel problems I hold onto so tight or owning my first appartment.

Running A Moody Girl”s Closet was the most rewarding project of my entire life. My bubble of fresh air. And where I got inspired. I am so proud of it, as it helped me get a sense of some qualities I had in store. It helped me gain confidence. At the same time, I didn’t really use to talk about it to people I met. As much as I felt proud,  I was scared of the judgemental speech I guess. Very stupid reaction, right? I feel very proud, even though AMGC never really found it’s audience. Over the 5 years of running, I got very few feedbacks. It does not mean no feedack at all, which is very positive to begin with. But keeping up a blog is so demanding in terms of time, effort and creativity. It’s work all the time. So not being read is… painful to be honest. Well you feel that way, when you are blogging for the wrong reasons.

As I thought, pain and loss of motivation started to unleash upon my mind. It was expressed by the non-envy to write and a feeling of constraint to do it. I decided it was time for a break. That happened in august / september 2016. I was already thinking about significant changes once the break was over, as I felt I no longer had anything interesting to say. I was just not feeling it and uninspired. I felt artistically stuck. I was planning on having a 2-3 months break. It lasted over 6 months.

During this period, I questioned myself a lot. What did I want ? Was it the right project ? Why am I so little read ? Why dont people engage on what I am saying by giving their opinion ? I was the problem. I realized that for 5 years, I tried to fit in, in some mold. I wanted to be successful, I wanted to travel, I wanted the collabs. I wanted the attention. Without seeing it, wanting to be like all those successful bloggers came first, before my passion, my spirit and my energy. I lost focus. I am different. I am special. Mid way between crazy confident with a real human presence and totally insecure. That is my strenghts and I saddly hid it. I hid the only things that would make me succeed.

I learned so much these past 5 years, meeting fantastic creatives along the way. They inspired me. To just be me. Find my thing and go through with it. So this is it.

It’s in this mindset, strong, a little nostalgic that I am letting go of A Moody Girl’s Closet. My ever first creation is not totally dissapearing though. Let’s just say it’s maturing and reinventing itself. Meet MULTICOLORE!!


Multicolore, it’s the creative approach of a passionate woman ( I am a woman lol), through the angle of personal style, to express the vision she has of the world revolving around her. It’s the approah of being inspired and inspire others.

It is a canvas for passionates. Passionate enough to have developped a universe of their own. I have to say, I always deeply admired people who live out of the box, that expressed their whole soul and live according to their own rules.

Why style again ? I feel like personal style is a tool for reinvention, to explore differents facets of  ourself and express our uniqueness. It’s also a way to tell stories, our story, our reality. It’s what I want to do, tell stories. And personally, researching my style has helped me claim ownership of my image and accept myself.

To end, MULTICOLORE is a creative canvas via which sharing, discussing and exchanging will be at the center. It’s my canvas as much as yours.

After feeling like I lost myself for some time, I feel like I am found again.

This return to form is embodied by this series of photos that I shot with a creative, photographer and friend, Jeffry Junes. I work with him, very much in love with  his style. I like and recognize myself in what he has to offer. Feel free to check out his platform HERE. On this series, ” Lost & Found“, you see me, like you have never seen me before. The place we shot is breath-taking? Like a bubble. I didn’t not expect to find anything like this in Paris. Unreal. This place got me turned on ( in a very artistic way lol) and echoes a lot with my new found passion I have for doing what I am doing. I am wearing pieces I love, especially these culottes from my lovelies from Ebony City. They are as passionate as I am, that’s why I love to wear their pieces. Check out their fearless latest collection HERE . Passion attracts passion.

I hope you feel it too.


Top manches bouffantes : Acheté dans une boutique de Saint Lazara | Jupe Culotte : EBONY CITY | Baskets : ADIDAS STAN SMITH| Sac: FURLA  

Pendentif : B.O TISSAME

Photos: Jeffry Junes ( consulter sa page ici)



Multicolore Paris

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  1. 8 July 2017 /

    Bravo pour cette réflexion et ce nouveau départ et… j’adore ta jupe-culotte 😉

    • moodygirlscloset
      11 July 2017 /

      Merci Mélanie.Ma passion pour les jupes culottes est sans fin 😀

  2. Tako
    3 July 2017 /

    Bravo ma Laura! Ton travail est top comme DAB.. Je t’encourage et te souhaite un grand succès avec ce blog très raffinée à ton image.

    • moodygirlscloset
      6 July 2017 /

      Merci ma chère Tako 🙂

  3. Lulu
    30 June 2017 /

    Ma Lolo quel plaisir de te lire et de retrouver au TOP avec un blog à ton image !
    C’est frais, vrai, structurée le reflet d’une passionnée
    Je vais prendre le temps de lire tous les articles et de te donner mes impressions !
    Love U

    • moodygirlscloset
      6 July 2017 /

      Merci Lulu! J’attends tes impressions avec impatience :-D. <3

  4. Kirsten APITHY
    30 June 2017 /

    J’adore! La présentation du blog est très raffinée, le blog est bien clair et l’écriture des articles est super! Continue ainsi!

    • moodygirlscloset
      6 July 2017 /

      Merci soeurette !!! ( on dirait un peu maman qui parle avec ce que tu as écris lol)

  5. 30 June 2017 /

    Welcome back ma jolie Laura. Contente que tu ai réfléchit à ton projet et qu’il prenne forme comme tu le souhaites vraiment !! Je suis ravie de te revoir et te souhaite une belle continuation sur ton nouveau BB ” Multicolore ” … A très bientôt.
    Le Bisou <3

    • moodygirlscloset
      6 July 2017 /

      Merci merci merci. Ca me touche trop ton petit message. Gros bisous et à très bientôt <3

  6. Mershiou
    29 June 2017 /

    Braaaavo super le nouveau blog! Au top tu as bien bossé mon papillon

    • moodygirlscloset
      6 July 2017 /

      Merci mon papillon <3..

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