I love vintage. I’ve had since the day I discovered thrift stores. It was in 2007. I was starting university. At the time I’d get fashion inspiration from the american TV shows I’d watch : Gossip Girl, Charmed ( don’t judge, they had swag most of the times) and so on. Once, I came accross a Cosmopolitan magazine article that followed 2 bloggers (Betty and Tokyobanbao) thrifting and putting together the most stylish, dope and daring outfits I’ve seen in a long time. What I liked about it  ? It was achievable ( as in real down to earth people were doing this), affordable and felt full of personnality. I have been bought about thrifting and blogging ever since. And when it was time to start my own blog, I went for it. 6 years later, I don’t regret one second as I always keep in mind why I am doing it.

Crédit photos : Kirsten A. 

As blogging, thrifted has remained one of the things I love doing to put together new outfits. Ok so my income has increased since I was a student, but now I do have to support me, myself and my lifestyle. In 10 years, I left my parents’ nest ( OK I still go there to empty their fridge  and comfort ( Maman & Papa you are my heroes for ever and ever)) , I own my appartment and I pay taxes. So having a shopping budget can sometimes is always a no-go. That’s when my thrifting skills come in so handy. I could make look something old like a million bucks. And I like taking that challenge every single time. So today’s challenge was styling this thrifted embroided high collar, old ladyish blouse. I bought it for 1 euro. I mean.. what else ?

I love this blouse. Even now that it’s falling into pieces, I don’t care, I am not getting rid of it. The challenge was to make it feel whimsical with a modern touch.In order to do so I paired it with a “mom fit” pair of denim and puma classics sneakers. I went with those earrings from Zara that I am absolutely obssessed with. Kept the make-up simple and braided my hair african style. The setting is the backyard of my teenhood nest. I took it for granted for so long, but miss it from time to time. I feel this setting matchs perfectly this blouse.

You see how there is a whole story being created just from what seemed to be an old closet piece that was going to go to waste ? That’s the magic of vintage. And that is what you should try getting a piece of it. The story that you will be carrying with you, will give your personal style a whole new dimension. Just keep in mind ” Always do you”. You are not wearing a costume but an armor.If you are interested, I could definitely get you a list of good places to start with this fun adventure. Feel free to live a comment if you are interested.

Can’t wait to see how you rock vintage ladies!  Use the hashtag #MPinspiredoutfits to show how vintage took your personal style to a whole new level.


Until next time. Love one another 😉

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