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For the parisians reading, are we going to discuss this cold spring ? Even though we have moved from winter to spring, it’s cold AF. Spring, where the hell are you ? ( I’d love to laugh, but I am freezing way too much  to actually giggle). The only bright sideI see to all this is that you get a relevant post out of it, as in this one. LOL. Because, yeah. How are you suppose to dress on a cold spring. Well this is my answer.

I have been holding on to this outfit inspiration for a couple months as I was uninspired. I shot it during the winter ( before all the snow) and well why not let you enjoy it as the winter decided to crash a little longer  and leave us with this cold spring? While playing dress up this winter, I was very much into basics pieces. I have learned along the way ,  that you can never go wrong either with black or basics pieces. Here I am wearing a black turtle neck tube dress with my mother’s APARA ( I don’t think this brand still exists. Does it ? black coat she has had for years now. I still remember when she bought it. I was a little girl and was already mesmerized by everything related to fashion & style. So when I saw it hanging in some closet of the family home, I grabbed it. Usually when I do that, I never return the items to mom. But in this case, she precisely said ” Tu me le rends après ton shooting” which means ” You are so returning this coat when you are done photo-shooting it kiddo”.To finish the look, I opted for simple AIR Force 1 Nike sneakers and a cross-body bag I got on the e-shop Showroom Privé. That was it. I gathered my hair in a pony-tail and went with my usual daytime make-up. Nothing more, nothing less, to enjoy a sunday afternoon.

The place I chose to shoot is a road I’ve went through so many times I can’t even count. I’ve wanted to shoot on this up-hill road, surrounded by huge trees for some time now.  I am glad I could do it. My sister was really scared  as the cars where driving by, starring at us as if we were reckless crazy people. Ok, it was reckless, but the pictures aren’t they worth it ?

Photos : Kirsten A.

What do you wear on a sunday afternoon ? Do you feel like ” you can’t go wrong with good old basics ?”

Until next times loves.


Coat : APARA

Dress : Bershka

Sneakers : AF1 Nike

Purse : Alain Manoukian ( Via Showroomprivé.com)

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