There is always this piece , for which you would sell your mother away (especially during sales), but once it’s in your wardrobe, it just bites the dust.

This is kind of the story of this black tube dress.

There was just not really an opportunity to wear it .But I found it so caliente when I bought it that I thought, “Laura, this dress you have to honor it   At least once!”. My inner voice was right. But for my defense, this dress had a major flaw to my end: these thin straps. You see, I have a big chest (big boobs). So in general, my bra, has huge straps, for optimal support. Imagine the result of the black caliente dress with the wide straps of my bra. I feel like you’re starting to understand where i am coming from LOL! 

Tube dress & Kitten heels : Zara | Watches : Rosefield Watches | Drop earrings : Bought at the Bazara Pagne boutique in Paris

These few shots is an opportunity to honor this dress  And the straps are no longer an excuse, but rather an opportunity to demonstrate a system D as old as the planet , to hide the wide straps of my XL bra.

So ? Amazed ? Caliente this black tube dress ?

The lesson to learn  : purchase pieces that match your shape and attributes. It will avoid dust bitting lol !

As I found love for writting again, and posting regularly I feel entitled enough to say : “See you next week girl” hahahahahahahha

I highly encourage you to come visit again, as I can guarantee you WILL find new content on Monday ( or maybe Tuesday, let’s be safe).

See you then girl !

Photos : Kirsten A.


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