How are you beautifuls ? It’s sunday and I am binging on some Netflix. I started Greenleaf  and I have gone through 10 episodes. It’s my favorite thing to do these days. You know, fall is here and I craving only one thing and that is snoozing on my couch like a lazy person. I am skizophrenic on that matter. I can be so active sometimes and so lazy on the other hand. I have always had to fight lazyness as a child. It made my mother and father go nuts. LOL.

This outfit is a clear reminder of summer that is extended it’s stay here in Paris. This past weeek-end was super sunny. I got to do a great shooting all morning. I remember loving that shoot. The place we shot was incredible. And I had just received this crop top I ordered on ZARA’s site. As I was clicking ” ORDER”, I just couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out on the shots. This outfit was shot quite some time ago so the piece is no longer available. The color, the way it’s structured give it a special very streetstyle editorial feel. Definitely one of my favorite pieces of last season.

 I matched it with a pair of white shorts from PIMKIE, purchased for 10 euros and a pair of Stan Smith sneakers. I also added accesories I never whore before, wax drop earrings and a multicolor bracelet.

This shoot made me realize or reminded me how much I love blogging and all it involves in terms of process. Even after doing it for 6 years. There were ups and downs, of course. But I have the feeling that is through blogging that I see myself blogging and evolve. The hardest part I’d say, is having the impression that you are making sense to no one LOL. Talking about ourselves, our passion is a way that feels right is no easy. That idea got me rewriting entire posts. Doubt I guess. But I understood one thing. That it is like throwing a bottle to the sea. Sometimes you create a reaction, sometimes you don’t. And it’s OK. It’s the game. I hope ladies that one of you will receive the message I am sending in your direction and that it will help, one way or another.

Have a great week cuties. I will probably post something new on thursday so stay tuned.

Je vous embrasse.

PS : I decided to add some multicolore to today’s pictures. You like it ?


Pictures : Jeffry Junes

Update : 1/07/2019

Multicolore Paris

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