Here is the first series of photos from my trip to Lomé in Togo. For those who don’t know about it, it’s a country located between Ghana and Benin, on the Guinea Gulf located in West Africa. I went back after over 20 years of absence for personal reasons and I took some photos. Used to Ghana and Accra, I was very moved to go back.

As I spend my days in a car, I could only  shoot landscapes I saw by car. You will be hearing a lot more of this country as I will be going more often than before, for tourism, after 20 years of desertion.

My first impression, is that everything looks alike and after a look back,it”s not the case really.

The first couple of photos below show the road by the seaside.

route _lomé _ togo _ voyage 13


lomé_togo_plage_palmier_sable_mer_vue _ paysage 16

routes _lomé _voyage14

The photo below, it’s not far from where we stayed at Klikamé ( clearly the orthograph of the neighbourhood names is determined by my phonetical understanding 🙂 )

sur les routes de lomé 2

sur les routes de lomé 5

This is a road where a lot of commerce goes on all day long. People sell their stuff all day. You can find a lot especially food and basic commodities.

sur les routes de lomé 4

sur les routes de lomé 3

Because , I couldn’t miss out on a cliché of Fan Milk. It’s the industriel ” ice cream maker” that I know established in Togo and Ghana as well. The ice cream is sold in sort of plastic large tubes.

sur les routes de Lomé 1

lomé_routes_ moto_ voiture._ rues_ rue_ street_ville

lomé_point relais _routes _ rue _ street_ 18

It seems to be a kind of station. Still can’t identify the use. Maybe it’s a trading point.

lomé_djembe_rue_street_ car_voiture_routes 17

Wish I could have stopped  to check it out. Next time.

lomé_ routes_rue _ perspectives_moto _ voiture_ ville _ city _afrique 19

sur les routes de Lomé 11

Here, we weren’t far from the Big Market of Lomé. This road ( or is it an avenue) is packed all week except on sundays. The day of the Lord.

sur les routes de lomé 10

A recognized african cloth brand, like Vlisco.

sur les routes de Lomé 9

This road is jut after the artificial lake imagined by the Dutch during the second half of the 20th century. As the zone of Lomé was composed of a lot of fen. So the artificial lake was designed to welcome, the water from the fen.

sur les routes de lomé 8

sur les routes de lomé 7

To end, he is the beginning of the sunset, from the Big Market of Lomé.

I will show you a couple photos from the Big Market in a couple days.

You saw everything I  saw during my strolls in Lomé.

I am hoping that during my next trip I ‘ll get to make you discover more on places I would have visited.

See you friday lovelies for a look, togolese time.




  1. 8 February 2015 /

    Supers photos, merci de nous faire découvrir Lomé! Le paysage, ça me rappel les rues de Brazzaville et la plage me donne envie d’aller à Pointe Noire lol.

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