With time, when I get dressed, I look for simplicity. I like to opt for basics. This makes me pay particular attention to details. In my opinion there is nothing worse than wearing pieces that do not suit you or doesn’t right. It’s a form of fashion faux-pas to me. To find your style, you must at least know yourself and ideally appreciate who you are.

Turtleneck pull-over : ZARA  |Slim denim : LEVI’S | Coat : UNIQLO  | Purse : CHRISTIAN LACROIX  | Shoes : DOC MARTENS


The outfits I prefer? The outfits like the one above. Simple but feels like me : which doesn’t reveal all of my assets, that include touches of color and that falls right where it is supposed to. In fact that day, I wanted a minimalist look, but cozy at a time. And I especially wanted to wear my Docs (laughs). That’s where it all started. And then I thought :  why not go on a basic outfit and add small touches of these pieces that I like to wear?

So for the first layer I chose to wear this new (not so new anymore) turtleneck top  from Zara and a black Levi’s pair of denim pants. Then I added the touch of colors with a “teddy bear” coat, randomly found  at Uniqlo and this mini-bag chain signed Christian Lacroix. This bag has its own story and I love wearing it. I may tell you more about it one day. And the final touch, come with shiny but on the low earrings, shining bright like genuine diamonds.  My cousin gifted them to me for Christmas. I really like them as they  add a little chic when I wear them.

That is how just by wanting to wear my pair of Doc Martens on an almost springy day, I ended up with an entir outfit that I loved wearing and that feels 100% like me.

Photos : S.M. 

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