Hey guys, so today let me introduce you where my friends and I love to eat (ok where they’d rather eat) when we gather up, I meant Korean dishes.

So I discovered korean about 3 to 4 years ago at Jantchi and as I have introduce other people of my entourage, apparently it’s one of the best in Paris.

So when I go there, I always order the same thing, a bipbipmap with spicy porc with crispy chicken that is far nicer than regular KFC fried chicken (a whole universe between both). Bipbipmap it’s rice, veggies and meat presented in a bowler. It’s to be mixed and eaten right away. You can order it with porc as I do or with either beef or chicken. Those two are not as spicy as the porc version but as good (No! porc is the best hahah ). As you can see I went with my habits.

You can also let yourself tempted par the korean barbecue that we eat when several. It’s perfect to be shared. And the marinated vegetables (especially the egg-plants) are divine.

I once tried a desert, a scoop of green tea ice cream. It wasn’t bad, but it is clearly not my thing.

For beverages, you can go for soda and usual soft drinks or try the iced tea offered. Ginger and lemon I think.

To take you want to try it, here are a couple pictures and you will find the address below.

I tried another one, but this one remains my favorite. I should think about exploring new ones. I’ll let you know once It’s done.

Xo to all and see you in a couple days



DSC_0181BDSC_0187BBibipmap with spicy porc

DSC_0192BDSC_0193BCrispy chicken 


Jantchi  – 6 rue Thérèse  – 75001 Paris
Métro Pyramide or RER A Opéra (a walk of 5 to 10 minutes)
PS: Accept credit cards only above 25€ so plan some cash in case.

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