At the beginning of the year, I told you about the the labeled T-Shirt ” Nouveaux Français”. Today, I am wearing the sweats version that admit to love, due to the delivered message. The french of yesterday is no longer the french of today neither the one of tommorow. Feel free to check out this article here.

Have you seen this skirt ? It was send to me by Karen Styl a label from Poland that offers women fashion at a very affordable price. In my closet, starring at me for a while, I was wondering how I was going to make it stand out in my usual casual outfits. Because being dressed with gold is still a daring move. That’s kind of my thing.

I thought about matching it with a plain white shirt , a large T-Shirt, a lace top or a crop top. At the end, as I had a brunch planned, I felt like the sweat would be the perfect option. The perfect touch of coolnes to make my outfit more casual. What do you think ?

The pictures were taken by my dear friend @french cosby, who will a part of the AMGC blog adventure from now on. You will hear more from him really soon.

Feel free to give your opinon  ! I love having your feedback.

Have a lovely day.

Love & Positivism.

Française en or 7

Française en or 2

Française en or 3

Française en or 4Earrings : Afrifrance Créations

Française en or 5

Française en or 6

Française en or 8

Française en or 1

Sweat ” Nouveaux Français” : CHKN | Skirt: Karen Styl
Bag : Acheté à Châtelet | Sneakers : Stan Smith by Adidas

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