Hey darling.

I hope you are OK ?

 I had the chance to give my version of Afropunk, as the festival took place in Paris on July. But how do you embody afropunk in terms of personal style ? Well that is a excellent question. Here is my point of view on the matter. I chose to keep it simple. With a gypsy feel and a subtle touch of african print. I was actually looking for a chance to wear this see through dress for the first time.

I came accross so many stylish and beautiful people through out the event ( as the photobomber in one of the pictures). Creativity and self expression was in the air. Check out my post that gives you an eye on the outfits I came accross here .

How would you have dressed for such an event ?

Would love to have your point of view.  Feel free to comment.

Have a great day.

Dress : MONKI | Slip dress : ZARA | Hat : GALERIES LAFAYETTE| Sandals: ALTI ( from Turkey | Backpack : Purchased in Osu, Accra | Watch : ROSEFIELD WATCH

Pictures : Randomly Kay


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