It was my very first time at the Yumi Katsura show.

I have been invited in the past, but because of work, I couldn’t make free time to go. But these days, I have had time on my hands. So I could honor the invitation. The show was taking place at the Mairie du IVe arrondissement in the center of Paris.

Honestly I don’t have that much to say about the collection. I could tell you about Yumi Katsura’s artistic pursuit, a japanese designer known to be “one of first modern time female pioneer explorer”, while cultivating a very parisian touch, as she studied Haute Couture techniques in Paris.

Yumi Katsure is a known and influential designer in Japan, pioneer of occidental culture. She revisited the wear of the kimono, bringing in a touch of modern, taking it out of the usual traditional codes, whilst keeping alive the traditional ancestral techniques. She’s exposed at the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ARTS of New York and la Camera Nazionale Della Moda ltaliana has celebrated her work, choosing her as the first official asian member.

About what she offered this season, I especially saw creations I could wear. That is what I am really keeping in mind. I always had the impression that there was a gap between what I felt bautiful, aesthetic, wearable and the opinion of the critiques of the industry, that sometimes I don’t understand.

In this case, If I could run away with a couple pieces for a cool diner date, I definitely would. That’s what I love about style, that each of us can take in the creations offered. I didn’t really understand the exact story she wanted to tell, but I identified the story I could tell, If I had the chance to try them out. I found the collection chic, modern, with a mastered originality due to an interesting choice of fabric, colors, prints and forms. It is the type of creation that allows you to bring to life an original and out of th ordinary style

For all these reasons, you did good Ms Katsura. Well done!

Photos : Yumi Katsura Team


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