When ZAFUL contacted me for collaboration, it came on point as I was dying to try this e-shop that I literally saw popping everywhere. For my first  well I want for pieces that match my colorful likes. With the small budget I was given ( about 30$) I chose to order a dress with wide sleeves and a huge cleavage, two pair of earrings and 70’s inspired sunglasses. After a couple weeks I receive the package. Well to be honest, the dress in terms of size it what’s it but in general, the pieces matched what was showed on the e-shop. And I feel like for the budget put in, the demands that one can have need to be slightly downgraded.

The second pair of earrings I selected  on the e-shop. 

Everything gets better when you get to style the pieces. To make up for the too short and too much of a cleavage defaults, I put in a turtle neck top and a pair of tight, both black. For the fall touch, I added a hair of thigh high boots. And was also able to match the dress with one of the pair of earrings I selected and the sunglasses, as the colors were coordinated.

The accessories received are cool. Although  you can not expect a piece that will last. It’s not really the purpose here. If you wear them often, well you will have to think about replacing them really quick. So I say “YES” to ZAFUL, but for seasonal pieces and in order to try new things or trends. My advice would be to be extra careful with the sizes that you go for. But the e-shop is perfect to splurge for  a “mode” touch. Go for it as BLACK FRIDAY is in the air.

A last focus on this thigh high boots I got a couple years back that are neither too low or too high that I got from that french store called André. The purse that I find really original is from Zara. It’s wooded and I love that earthy and exotic look. Got it from Mallorca back in September.

Dress, Earrings 1, Earrings 2 Sunglasses : ZAFUL | Thigh high boots : ANDRE | Purse : ZARA

I which you a day of love and passion. And a Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans.

Photos : Jeffry Junes (page & instagram)

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